Husbands away

My husband is away right now. He's working in a different city, so I entertain myself with an older neighbor's huge cock. He's forty nine, I'm twenty six and he's the best lover I've ever had sex with, certainly the biggest cock I've ever had fuck me anyway. I just love riding his enormous shaft and he never fails to make me climax multiple times.
In around an hour, he'll be calling by and tonight I'm going to try and take his fuck stick up my asshole. I've already been using a dildo to prepare myself and made myself orgasm. I just hope my ass can take his massive cock.
K xxx

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  • Well I think your a real rude bitch, everyone wants to know how your bum got though a prick in it for the first time and your just being ignorant, why post then not answer questions

  • My hubby was away so I went out with a friend. We got so drunk I forgot what happened the rest of the night. My memory eventually returned when I was in bed in a pitch black room having sex with who I thought was my hubby. I enjoyed the sex kissed him alot,helped slide him back in when he popped out and even sucked him off in the dark.My head was obviously not sober yet.I fell asleep and woke up in a strange house.A naked guy asleep next to me.I was also naked.I looked for my friend but she wasn't there. I grabbed my clothes and stuff and left.

  • Sandra! Is this you , you fucking ass slut? When I get home you lousy ho I'm going to beat yo ass bitch. You better run you floosy.

  • How the fuck did you ever know

  • No, no it's not Sandra

  • You sound like a dude. I've never heard a girl call a dick a "Fuck stick". And never heard girls talk about how huge it is in so many instances. A dude for sure.

  • I found out two years ago that when I was away my wife was banging her male friend.Before marriage he was just a really good friend but after she found out he had really always liked her and had a very big dick,so put those together and it's obvious what would happen.I was always too busy for her or even to notice but I did catch them in the act eventually. I came home a day early from a work trip and spied on them through the window.They were screwing on the couch.I watched them fuck for around 20 minutes. My wife came then a couple minutes later he pulled out and came over her tummy and breasts.He was huge,as he slapped his cock on my wife's tummy it was hard to believe how far that thing went up inside of her.And the amount he shot out too was lots.They fucked bareback too which my wife never let's me do,we always use condoms because she hates cum in her.She's on the pill but she was always worried about getting pregnant.Anyway I stayed in a hotel that night and had several wanks thinking of what I saw and never had the nerve to tell my wife I knew her dirty secret.

  • No woman has ever said "take his fuck stick up my asshole." Nice try dude.

  • This woman always uses that phrase. And many many more. We're not all princesses you know...

  • Hi darling how did your initial mounting for bum fucking go, I really hope he took plenty of time and lubed you up nicely prior to slowly inserting, the first few times might be a little awkward but please stick with it you will so love it, my wife has a leather collar imprinted "his bitch" and often attaches it prior to my mounting, we always do it doggie style, I love having her in such a subordinate position

  • My wife was having an affair with our neighbor when we first got married, she was 22 and he probably about 40. I worked nights and she worked days and we didn’t get to see each other much, and sex was hard to come by as well. I worked from 5 pm to 1 am and she worked from 8 am to 5 pm, so I would get home at about 1:30 am and she’d be asleep. I’d nudge her and sometimes she’d give me a quickie. I came home early and saw the man coming out of my front door at about 11:30 at night. He walked back to his apartment. I saw our apartment lights all turn off and then I went inside and my wife was in bed, pretending to be asleep. I woke her up from her fake sleep and said I came home early and why was the neighbor here. She said he just asked about a noise he heard. I asked why did he come inside the apartment and why were all the lights on. She said she asked him to look around to investigate the noise and they turned on the lights. She was in sleep clothes, a T-shirt and panties. I said you let him in dressed like this and she said no she had on sweat pants but took them off. I said okay, I’m home, let’s have sex. She said no, I’m sleepy. I said I need it otherwise I have to jerk off. She said ill jerk you off. I said no I want sex. She finally agreed and went in her she was very wet already and she smelled like sweat. I nearly cried when I asked her to tell me the truth, and she admitted it. She’s been having sex with him almost every night while I’m at work. She blamed me for working nights and neglecting her. She also admitted he and her had anal, unprotected vaginal, oral and of course that he had a bigger penis. The biggest the she’s ever been with, and she only used him for sex but she loved me. I was stupid and we worked it out.

  • Thats so nice to see you have forgiven her, I hope you don't mind if he still puts his cock in her from time to time

  • Hum, I’m 45 and hung like a Shetland pony. Where do I need to move? 😈

  • Go to the zoo you queer cunt

  • Nasty!!!

  • Darling I really hope he lubes you and slowly moves into your velvet hole taking quite some time before he starts humping so you have a fantastic time losing your bum virginity.
    May I suggest for your first few times do it in the missionary position with your legs high and wide after that you can enjoy going on all fours and having him do you doggie that is just outstanding my wife only wants doggie anal these days
    Please let us know how you go sweetie

  • So, did your ass take it?

  • How did it all start though?

  • Ride my dick sometimes hell dont let him have all the fun

  • It sounds like you want your neighbor more than your husband. It's alright because your husband has a hot twenty year old he fucks in the city he's working in.

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