Turning my boyfriend into a sub

I am a dom by nature I am into fingering and pegging boys , and my boyfriend is a vanilla who doesn't know a thing about kinks but good for me he was open to try new things.
When I first tried fingering and pegging him he was a mess ,We talked about it alot before we try ,he was so embarrassed by the idea and even thought it's a gay thing ,but after alot of discussion he finally agreed ,I made him lay on his back and spread his legs, gived him a blowjob to help him relax ,and started stretching his butthole with my fingers and lube since I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible ,he was a moaning mess, god he was so adorable and he even came after I touched his prostate with my finger no rubbing no pressing just one touch and he came, he gasped and started panting like crazy while cumming , hell he got me so turned on .
Then I used a 7 inched strapon which was a lot for him he actually cried ,but he enjoyed every moment of it , I can tell from his moans and how much he came and he said we should do this again he was embarrassed but he said it which got me so happy.
It was two times after this he acted shy but now he asks for it .

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  • A lot of men are weird when it comes to pegging. They think it’s gay. I love it. I just feel weird telling a new woman I like that

  • I love to get pegged by my girlfriend. I would love to dress up for her in pantyhose with the ass open and have her fuck me while she’s dressed up also.

  • So good sweetie how lucky you are to have a subordinate, you can start training him to do anything, next best thing is to start him wearing sexy panties all the time, bras and nighties at home plus makeup, try that and you will have a very obedient little slave.
    It is just great having them totally under your control, just take plenty of photo's and don't let him know where you keep them

  • Have you ever thought it might be better to have a boyfriend who's already into your kink?

  • No, we are in love before anything ,so it's okay if he's not into them.
    Beside it's not like he wasn't into the kinks, he didn't know it exists but now he's all kinky .

  • I love to get pegged by my girlfriend

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