Kids in the woods

When I was 13 I had a girlfriend of the same age. She lived off some railroad tracks and there was an old wooden shack in the woods off the tracks. We used to sneak out there and make out. I would kiss her breasts and we even gave each other oral a couple of times. Not very well though because we were too young to really know what we were doing. But I definitely came a lot with her. We never had sex but boy I wish we had.

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  • You should really do it with her, or should have done it, now that you are too old and no longer hot, you are no longer interested in relationships.

    I know this, I had so many relationships and Girlfriends, even younger Girlfriends as young as 15 and 14 and 10 and 9 and 8 and 7 and 5.
    But I never done it with any of them, I tell you the truth because if I was lying I would not be telling you about them. I kissed them and went to 1st and 2nd base with all of them, but I never did it with them, I was young and I was just as sexually active as they were. ( the 5 year old took off all her cloths on first kiss)
    But now these days I’m nothing but a middle aged old man in almost his 40’s this year and I’m no long interested in relationships, I’m more likely to die without a wife or children and I might even die alone in some old folks home. I have no regrets because only 2 of them wanted me to get them pregnant.

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