Crossdressing & Much More

I have been crossdressing since as far back as I can remember. I think it started when I was playing on the floor as a child and looking up at my aunties sheer seamed black stockings and black court high heels. God I loved those stockings. I then started to borrow my mothers nylon panties and sheer full slips to wear when she was out. I remember getting caught a few times too. When I stayed over at my grandmothers I would borrow a full length black nylon lacy petticoat and sleep all night wearing it before returning it in the morning. Eventually I started buying my own female underwear and still love going into department stores to purchase items especially fitting into the conversation somehow that they are for me. I regularly wear sheer nylon bra & panties under my male clothes.

As I said I have crossdressed for years and have grown to love other things too like TV domination (Love being dominated), bondage and spanking (I have a leather crop and a leather multi tail tawse), experimenting with getting wet in the rain or in streams (Nylon clings amazingly when wet) and humiliation is a lot of fun too. I regularly worked late and would change into my favourite bra and panties with suspenders and seamed stockings and lovely nylon full slip then walk to the car in the dark and drive around for hours. Very humiliating driving through towns with street lights or stopping at traffic lights with cars alongside who maybe looking at you and you can't do anything until the lights change.

I love a frilly maids outfit with black sheer panties & bra with lacy suspenders & seamed black stockings the best as I like the thought of servitude and being tied up and spanked. I love dressing in this naughty way but then I have to be punished with a good spanking for it. Pleasure & pain I suppose.

Basically I am willing to give anything a go for the experience and things I have thought of include nettles in my panties or playing with hot candle wax etc etc.

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  • Darling, I completely understand how you feel when you put the silky lingerie on, it's wonderful, so sensual so erotic.
    I have been feminising since I was in my early teens, but I had admired girls and ladies underwear long before that. When I reached puberty I crossdressed at first with any knickers or slips I could get hold of when visiting friends houses or from washing hanging out to dry. I would get a raging erection whenever I spotted a lacy nylon slip or frilly panties wafting in the sunshine.
    I was able during the "Beatles era" to grow my hair long, shave my body hair and generally cultivate my feminine appearance.
    My parents accepted that I was gay but no-one commented on it, I got a job in the fashion business where a lot of men were gay or bisexual and I became more and more feminine, wearing silky ladies slacks blouses and eventually a bra when my breasts developed. I am now a mature she-male, fit attractive and with regular boyfriends who love holding my erection as they fuck me.

    I have always been highly sexual and I adore making love with an older man as they are so appreciative, having a chat in my apartment and coffee then undressing themselves, taking my dress or skirt and blouse off while they stand naked in front of me, then taking me in their arms and caressing me in my lingerie, feeling my breasts, lifting my silky slip and stroking my erection trapped in my silky knickers, then I kneel down kissing their aroused penis until its fully erect, then lead them to my bedroom where we lay on the bed smothering each other with kisses, caresses and then they take my knickers off, lift my stockinged legs over their shoulders and I watch as their erections thrust into my anus and we make wonderful love with me pretending I am a wife.

  • I'm 61 and in good shape. I would love to be with a crossdresser. I love the way you dress with black thigh highs or garters. Love stilettos. Love to take u out for dinner dressed up like that with a black short tight skirt. Then I'll take u back home and take your dress off and just adore u walking around the house like that. That would turn me on.

  • Darling, you are the right age for me and I believe you would adore the way I look. A feminine body with a decent penis, the very best combination, I know what men like.
    I would greet you at the door of my apartment fully dressed En-femme, with my High heeled white stiletto's and my flouncy, flirty silk dress all pink and femme, with a slightly "see-through" top that shows off my pink lacy lingerie underneath. We would hug each other and your hands would wander down my silky dress to fondle my bottom, feeling my silky undies and suspenders.

    We would then go into my lounge and I would go to make a coffee for us and you would follow me into the kitchen and come up behind me pushing yourself into me with kisses to my neck and I would feel your hardness trapped in your trousers pushing against my bottom. Oh! I would let out a little moan and you would turn me around pulling me close feeling my erection held within my silky knickers and kiss me passionately.

    You would unzip my dress letting it fall to the floor as you ripped your clothes off until naked and with me standing there in my silky lingerie watching, I would marvel at your erect manhood throbbing with desire. You would lift the hem of my lacy silky slip revealing my stockinged legs and silky knickers also bulging with my erection, we would cuddle close feeling each other, kissing, thrusting with our excitement, then not waiting for coffee, off to the bedroom my darling, with you watching my cheeky bottom wiggling in my lingerie as I mince across the lounge.

  • I would love that

  • I want my email I like your style. Want to hear more. Your so sexy.

  • Darling, thank you for your words of appreciation, would you like to know about a recent sexy encounter I had with my male neighbour who is in his late sixties and very horny?

  • Yes, I would love to hear about that. You are so sexy from the way you dress to the way you talk

  • Your really having a lot of fun aren't you ?

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