Those beautiful white thighs

I am addicted to voyeur behavior. I am African American and I get super horny sneaking peeks up white women's dresses. I love seeing stocking tops and straps , bare thighs or pantyhosed thighs. Oh yeah!! If they catch me and give me a little leg teasing I go into another world. To show how addicted I am about this, when I was in junior and senior high school I kept a journal. In it I kept daily entries about my voyeuristic behaviors. I wrote about all my peeking escapades. During class I had hardons most of the time trying to look up my classmates dresses. If I had a nickel for every time I "accidentally " dropped a pencil to look up the dress of a girl showing her beautiful white thighs I could have retired early. My female teachers were not off limits, if they chose to face my way with crossed legs. After each school day I would hurry home to write in my journal. With shaking hands and a raging hardon I would quickly record my entries while they were fresh. When done I would go back and read my earlier entries. Soon my dick would be in my fist feeling super hot. Before long my lust would be at its peak. Tossing the journal over on the bed I spread my cumrag in front of me. Soon I am grunting, watching my dickhead swell to a deep red. Cum would blast forth saturating my cumrag. That was so long ago. I am much older now and I still have my stocking top and garter fetish firmly intact. Don't think I will stop staring at crossed legs anytime soon.

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