White thighs

I have many fetishes I have picked up over my lifetime. This one is directly related to intergration. I had my first orgasm at 12 years old. After that I would jerk off several times a day. Just to set things in context I am a black guy. So to continue , this was during the civil rights era. I was transferred to an almost all white middle school during the 1960s. This was during the time mini skirts and dresses were in style. Oh my God! I was looking around at all those white kids when I noticed a white girl in the next row and one seat back. She had her legs crossed and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I could see up her dress and gaze at those lovely white thighs. I got so hard I thought my dick would split. I had to spend my junior and high school years sneaking peeks up the dresses of white girls and women. Didn't matter if they wore pantyhose. Stocking with suspenders or bare. Stocking tops were an especially erotic sight. I guess it was the contrast of the stocking top and their white skin. I would also try to look up my teacher's dresses too. I'm horny relating this now. Anyway. by the end of the school day I would have to rush home with a raging hardon. As soon as I would get to my room I would lock the door, yank down my pants and underway and stare at my dick which would be shiny and bloated. I would grip my dick, and since my nipples are sensitive, I would close my eyes and lean against the wall, tickle my nipples and imagine all white thighs I snuck a peek at that day. My knees would almost give out as I would come grunting. Cum would blast out many feet in front of me. God, I would be so exhausted. And to conclude, even now, many decades later I love looking for moments to sneak peeks up the dresses of white women. I am so embarrassed to say I only watch stupid Fox news because they position their female anchors so they cross those legs. And yes, I sit and concentrate on those legs. I think I will spend the rest of my days looking up your dresses ladies.

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  • Thanks for this, particularly mentioning the stocking tops and garters. I was just becoming sexually aware in the mid to late 60's, when stockings were still a thing. Young people today can't believe what a thrill it was to see the stocking top clasped by that silver clip, the garters leading up to heaven. I guess today's equivalent would be the thong back sticking up out of tight jeans. But, it was an African American chick who first showed me the difference between feet in heels, and without, the difference it made to muscle structure in the legs. I'm still a leg man today, as a result.

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