Life is strange

We'd not had sex in so long, I'd forgotten what my wife's pussy looked and tasted like.
I'd been fucking younger sluts, both male and female to empty my balls. It really didn't matter to me, I thought, that we weren't having sex. Not until I walked in on her being fucked by a man I knew to be 'minder'.
He was fucking her on our couch and by the looks of it, she was loving his black cock up her arsehole.
I got jealous. Really jealous. Fuck it was my wife and this guy was in my house fucking my wife on my fucking couch.
I strode over like a madman and punched him. My wife looked at me as his cock slid out of her arse, and he slumped to the side.
I'd knocked out a seriously hard guy and in that moment I didn't give a shit.
My wife went to say something, but I told her to shut the fuck up. I was incredibly turned on by what I'd seen and bizarrely by the brief violence.
Removing the shorts and boxers I had on, I got in behind my wife and rammed my dick right up her shithox.
As I did so the guy began to move, so I put my left hand in his face and told him to stay fucking still.
As I fucked my wife's already fucked rear hole, I got a massive sense of empowerment and sexual lust.
I fucked her like we used to once fuck, and listened almost as if it wasn't me thrusting my cock up her shit pipe. Her moans as she climaxed turned me on even more. And as her arse muscles tightened around my cock when she orgasmed, I came like a flood up her bum.
The guy said something, but I missed it. He then said it again. His words were "You de man then".
I got up, letting him move and watched as he staggered to right himself. He was going to say something but I told him to keep his mouth shut.
Ten minutes later I was stood at my front door watching him getting into a car which I'd not seen as I drove upto the house. Another man was driving, and I recognised him.
I remember thinking "Shit, now I'm fucked".
It didn't matter though. Back inside I was angry and horny all at the same time. I was going to challenge my wife, but she beat me to the punch, so to speak. "I don't complain about the boys and girls you fuck".
She was right. I knew I had no right to question her right to fuck around. So instead I buried my face into her pussy and kept it there until she couldn't take my tongue giving her anymore orgasms.
She told me later, it was a huge turn on for her to see me getting so angry, and hitting the guy. She also said she wasn't going to stop flicking other men.
We now have an agreement in our marriage, we both fuck who we like. Only we now do it together.
Oh yeh, as for the 'minder' he got his revenge kind of.
As I've said, I like to fuck guys too. Only it was the minder and a friend of his, who fucked me. Call it payback, yet even as of this morning, he's still paying me back.
My hole is sore from an hour of his black member fucking it. My wife watched her husband being fucked for the first time, and loved it.
Strange how things work out.

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  • My first wife loved to watch me get my ass fucked whenever went attended swinger parties or orgies, and I loved watching her get the same. And when ever we were at home and she'd think about it, we be fucking within seconds, it made her so hot. And I'll be the first to admit, I preferred fucking her ass, it was so perfectly shaped, and matched to her legs, and it remained tight even after numerous cock had enjoyed it. And she had her best orgasms when I, or anybody else fucked her lovely ass.

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