It all started when I was 7 years old. I am a man and I like women. I was saying at my sister's house for the summer. She was in her early twenties and I was in my thirties, and we had a very close relationship. She had some friends next door that would come over one of them had a little sister who was 9. The girl used to ride a bike all the time one time she was in the garage sitting on her bike and we started talking. I was seven so she was two years older than me when she was working on her bike I went over and sniffed the bike seat. It had a very nice smell to it very nice I thought and she asked me why are you sniffing my seat. I said I wanted to see if it smells like your panties. She told me she didn't know. She was wearing a skirt and she took off her panties. And she smelled them, I asked if I could smell. She said yes and handed me her panties. I could see there was little pussy stains on it and I smelled them. I noticed let the front of her panties smell the best near where her clit will come out the little button hole smell the best and ever since then I'd love to smell panties, but especially if they are girls. So natural and sexy and it gives me a hard-on just thinking about it so I'm going to go jack off and smell my daughter's panties

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