It felt so good

My husband had been pestering me all day and night at the engagement party of a friend. I'd told him no a few times, but he said he was horny for me.
Later on as I danced, I felt him put his hand up my skirt from behind. I let him play with my clit as we were in a corner of the large function room, then felt him suddenly press his cock to my opening.
It felt much bigger for some reason as we shuffled off to the side, then he really began to fuck me.
Some guy noticed, but my husband didn't stop for a second and I didn't care by then as I was having my first orgasm.
His cock felt much thicker and I remember thinking its probably because he'd been horny all day.
Then as he came inside me, I had such a strong climax. He moved away and I thought I saw him going outside as I got myself together, to light a cigarette. Funny as he doesn't smoke.
As we set off in the taxi to go home in the early hours, he told me when we got in, he was going to fuck me all night he was that turned on.
I didn't think anything of it, just thinking he obviously wasn't satisfied earlier.
My husband tongued my pussy and arsehole, had me sucking on his cock, then as he'd said, he gave me one hello of a screwing. He was so rampant at one point he was telling me he'd nearly taken me outside of the venue we'd been at and fucked me there.
It was then I realised it was another man who'd taken me at the engagement party. It wasn't my husband's cock that had felt so thick and so good fucking me.
And I also realised, my husband had just been licking out the strangers cum from my pussy.
I shouldn't say this, but that thought made me feel guilty, but it also turned me on incredibly, making me take charge by riding my husband's cock so hard and for so long until I had an amazing orgasm thinking of another man using me.
I've never told my husband, and had myself checked out at a clinic. Luckily the results were ok.
What's strange, is I sometimes wish I could relive it again, only with my husband who's still a horny so and so, taking part.

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  • Do you always go around with a bag over your head ?

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