Do you spank your wife?

My father spanked my mother and I spank my wife too. I'm wondering how many other families out there practice this too.

6.6 years ago

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    • Can’t help but notice many have a time put by for spanking. I have spanked my wife but only when she deserves it and at the moment I am unhappy, although it’s when I’m disrespected more than unhappy.
      Sometimes it leads to sex but most often it doesn’t.
      I think unexpected punishment is more effective than having a set time put by for it.
      I insist on panties down and over the knee and restrict the spanking to 6 even if I think more is required but the force will change depending on my displeasure

    • I spank my wife regularly. She needs discipline to be a good and submissive wife. In my family spanking a wife is a something normal. My dad spanks my mom. My sisters are spanked by their husbands. I think it's more popular than we think it is.

    • I have spanked my wife since the beginning of our marriage, and she knew I did things this way before we were married. I use spanking for discipline purposes, and I have found it works well in keeping a woman soft and correcting her bad behavior.

      I don't know if it is allowed here, but I'd like to post the marital spanking website I run. It is If you would like advice on discipline spanking, you can write me at

    • My husband has always spanked me. Usually playfully or flirty. But when I disrespect him or get out of control, I get spanked for real. Usually that’s bent over the bed or across his lap on my panties with my skirt/dress lifted up. He’s used a hairbrush, rubber spatula, wooden spoon, and a belt. It hurts at the moment, but afterwards I’m so attracted to him and feel rebalanced internally and within our marriage. I can be soft and vulnerable again and trust his lead. I’m quite rebellious sometimes but he loves me anyway. But he’s never hesitant to remind me who’s the man of the house.

      Honestly I love him so much

    • My husband spanks me when I've done something wrong ( or pretended to!). It's not hard, just slightly stinging, bare handed, no straps or canes. I'm quite small so it's no problem to have him pull me over his lap, pull my panties down and administer a few smacks. Sometimes I have to bend over a chair or table. It always ends with me having to thank him followed by some form of sex. It can be a blow job or if I'm bent over a table he'll do me from behind. After he's cum I have to thank him again. I've got a sexy schoolgirl outfit that I sometimes wear and say that I haven't done my work or that I'm late for class so I get spanked. I love it!

    • Do you or he lower your panties

    • I think the school uniform role play is fun. My wife wan't sure about it to start with but is now quite enthusiastic and it's always her who surprises me by dressing in it unexpectedly.

    • I'm not currently married, but I would love to find a husband who's not afraid to spank me when needed.

    • Would you like it gentle over the knee hand only panties down

      Contact me if this what you really need

    • I would spank you. I too am married. My wife has no problem with me spanking other women. Can meet you if not to far.

    • My husband has no problem taking strap to my butt if I am disobident or disrespectful. Its always on my bare bottom and he has never given me an easy one they are all hard butt blistering and I am so grateful that he does this for me. When we married I chose to be a submissive wife and in the beginning I was spanked at least 2 or 3 times a week some times twice in one day. I have been really good lately and have not been bent over in about 3 months he told me other night he might just have to break strap out so I don't forget what a blistered butt feels like. I said yes sir. So I guess I will have a sore behind in the coming days if I been given permission to speak I would have respectfully told him I had not forgotten that's why I have been behaving but I was not given permission to speak so I will take the stripes on my butt and thank him for the reminder

    • Tell him you would like to give him a bare ass whipping

    • I get spanked at least 2x a week and yes it can be sexually stimulating but if its punishment no sex for me. My husband feels if its true punishment there should be no reward. We practice domestic discipline 24/7.

    • It hasn't happened in a while, but my husband has never been afraid to yank my pants and panties down, bend me over and bust my bare butt red and swollen. It's something we both agreed on so it's all consensual. That doesn't make punishment pleasant, though. He usually uses a belt or a paddle and I can never keep myself from crying like a baby when he beats my butt raw, but I always feel wonderful and loved afterwards!

    • My husband spanks me. Married 6 years and totally and utterly in love.

    • Is it a bare cheek spanking

    • As a husband who’s been married 25 years I cannot stress enough that importance of female exposure. My wife must expose her inner most charms to keep her in a feminine state of mind. It reminds her that she is subordinate to me. I must spank her holes and keep them open. I watch them wink at me drawing me in to keep her disciplined.

    • I have a somewhat involved discipline program where I emphasize nudity

      Depending on how my wife does, she gets at least one spanking a week on Saturdays with the hand

      If she had been bad it’s two moderate ones with the paddle on Wednesdays and Saturdays and she has to go bare bottomed in the house all week.

      One time this stretched into three weeks. But I did caress and put soothing lotion on her behind when we would go to bed.
      After sex, of course when we would have it.

      I am going to start a boot camp program and would like to share some ideas

      You can email me at if you like

    • My husband gives me a good spanking at least once a week. I need it and it keeps me centered.

    • My husband also spanks me regularly, once a week.
      Me and my sisters were spanked by both of our parents when we lived in our parents home.
      For me, it is very normal, usual and common to be over his lap once a week and to get a proper spanking.

    • It is not right to spank children.

    • Sexy!

    • I spank my wife after supper Thursday nights in the living room w our three boys present almost all the time. even though I spank her in front of her own sons I also do spank her even fully nude

    • Good for you. It’s a sound lesson for her and it’s good the boys get to see it, it’s education for them for the future. I saw my mum get it often, loved it, was highly aroused

    • Was mommy embarrassed

    • No problem if they enjoy and are aroused too. Your wife, though maybe highly embarrassed by them watching might also be getting a thrill by the fact, after the spanking

    • It is important to make sure she understands irregardless of who is around even if the boys are there

    • Yes, it’s a good lesson for her

    • I hope you are a troll and that no husband out there is really ignorant enough to do this in front of children!!! If you actually do you should be not just spanked but horsewhipped!!

    • I think she should have a rubber hose shovel between her ass cheeks

    • Never in front of sons!! They won’t respect their mother after. And other women later. Proven facts. But I sure wish I was regularly in my room though.

    • You should never do that in front of the boys. And you should not do that if she does not want it, it is abuse. NEVER in front of the kids and NEVER expose her body.

    • You should never expose her nude body to others. Respect her.

    • Yes I spank her once a week. across my lap fully nude. always to tears. nude cornertime follows.

    • My husband also spanks me regularly, once a week.
      Me and my sisters were spanked by both of our parents when we lived in our parents home.
      For me, it is very normal, usual and common to be over his lap once a week and to get a proper spanking.
      But no corner time.
      During spanking me his penis is erected and after a proper spanking I have to "take care" about it.

    • My Father used to spank my Mum and sister and my brother and my self every Friday night before dinner.
      He would give me and my brother the cane for for bad grades not doing what we were told and poor time keeping that added up over the week. My brother and I would get between 6 & 15 strokes of the cane over a bare bottom it hurt like hell.
      After he had spanked you you stood and faced the rest of the family with your trousers round your ankles. While he went about the rest of the family. I would often get a hard on while being canned and stood there watching the rest of the family get their punishment with a hard cock.
      The women would have to take off their lower clothing and stand waiting in their panties. My father would have them come over to him and he would take their panties off and he would put them over his knees with their legs slightly open. He would then start spanking them covering all their bottom with slaps until they were glowing red. My mums pussy would open and between the hair you could see her wet pink hole that seemed to pulse and open and close with each slap.
      My sister wold almost skip over the room to get her punishment. She would lay over my fathers legs and get her bum high in the air. My father would start her punishment. Fast at first covering her whole bottom then hard deliberate slaps over her fresh looking pussy that seemed to glisten and swell with each slap.
      When she was about 15 she was well into her punishment when her body went ridged and relaxed and she seemed to wet her self and her whole body flushed and she was gasping for air.
      My father continued to punish her. When he had finished she got off of his legs and stood with the rest of us with shaking legs and a big smile on her face.
      This continued until me and my brother were 16 and went to work or collage.
      but my sister and mother still got spanked every Friday.

    • A woman’s hole opens to her man in a natural response to her discipline.

    • Which hole?

    • True or not

    • True depending on the man

    • It is not right to expose the nude body to others, and spanking kids and wife without consent is not right.

    • I usually spank my wife and my daughters, but on Saturday evening.
      Of course, they are bare bottomed.
      They are female persons and there is no need to be ashamed to be spanked in front of each other.

    • Not right. Respect them, and their intimacy. You have no reason to spank them and you are not respecting their intimacy, exposing their bottom.

    • I recently was playing around with my wife. I told her if she said anything negative to me even just playing ..that i was going to spank her. she started out just saying little things like telling me to shut up, but as i started counting the number of swats..she started talking more shit to me.
      i said ok i think you acutally want this and she just smiled. this will be the beginning of some new fun for us.

    • I do, but not for her pleasure, I get turned on watching her cheeks move around while I spank her then turn red. She is okay with it most of the time but I really like it when she puts up a struggle and gets spanked anyways, her ass moves around a lot more. Sometimes I tie her arms behind her back and her ankles together, she is not big on that and really puts up a struggle.

    • I have a wife and two teen daughters. yes I regulary spank my wife and started spanking both daughters as soon as they turn 13. my son does not get spanked. only the girls in our family.

    • Ooooooo nice! 😉💗

    • Why so late?
      I started to spank the girl I dated (my future wife) from the very first day.
      I started to spank our (twin) daughters from the age of 7.
      I also insist that my wife (their mother) spank them regularly. (They are 12 yrs old now).
      She spanks them in the living room, always together, in front of me, of course.
      They are always spanked without panties.
      From time to time I spank my wife (their mother) in front of them.
      They would be much more obedient if and when they watch their mother spanked.

    • This is not right. This is abuse. No reason to spank them and you should respect them and their bodies.

    • In our generation everyone I knew was spanked! We all turned out great with no issues! That’s the problem with society today! If kids were disciplined they wouldn’t be the disrespectful little pansies they are now!

    • But your son is watching the spankings?

    • Not wife, but..Young hostess girl I mess around with..She loves it. I go at her ass until my hand and her ass are both red and throbbing...It's amazing!

    • I have to say it looks like you are doing an excellent job. I wish my husband would do that to me!

    • Why don't you just ask him to do it?

    • Saw this and had to comment. Been messing around with my hot older sister for years. When she had her first apartment, and, after divorce, she explored her wild side. Would make me dinner as thanks for helping her do things, and, one night, I playfully smacked her ass (she was wearing a short robe) while she did dishes. To my surprise, she then directed us to the couch, layed across my lap, and told me to "spank my ass hard, you know you want to". I took it as all systems go, flipped her robe over her ass, and went at her perfect, bare ass several minutes. It started a practice for us.

    • This is not right, you are not husband and wife.

    • I spunk my wife

    • I am a dad I spank my daughter then my wife while they watch each other while it happens, is a turn on

    • This could lead to sexual problems later in life for your dtrs and if you are doing it as a turn on for yourself it is abuse. Spanking your wife privately is a matter between the two of you.

    • Not right to spank your daugher and no right to spank your wife if she does not consent.
      Always in private, never in front of the kids (and only if the wife wished it).

    • My husband spanks me and our daughters once a week.
      I insist we to be spanked together.
      So we can watch each other spanked.
      It increases the feeling of intimacy in our family.

    • Poor daughers... This is abuse.

    • My dad spanks me it started when I was 16, I had been really cheeky to him, he grabbed my and said I am going to do something I should have done a while ago, he put me over his knee pulled my knickers down and gave me a spanking it wasn't to hard, and to be honest I really enjoyed it especially when he pulled my knickers down exposing my bare bottom, after he apologised and rubbed my bottom betted, its happens occasionally I make it happen by being cheeky, I experience vaginal wetness, I suppose I shouldn't really enjoy it but I do, so the answer is some girls get spanked by there dad

    • This is not right, he and you should not do this.

    • My parents are divorced.
      My mom doesn't live with us since I was 11.
      She spanked me when I was younger.
      From the age of 11 my father starts to spank me.
      First time he spanked me, he spanked me over panties.
      I told him that the mom spanked me always without panties.
      Then I took of the panties for myself.
      So I know the feeling being over father's lap without panties very well.
      If spanking is done properly, girl wouldn't "enjoy" in the manner of fact.
      After a proper spanking, my ass is very red, warm and sore.
      A lot of girls are wet between the legs even before and during spanking.
      My father spanks me, and he is a male person.
      When he spanks me I can feel his erected penis on my hip.

    • This is perversion, you should stop doing that.

    • Your father should not do this.

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