Who would you do taboo?

If you had the chance, who would you most like to have sex with? Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Brother/Sister, cousin, in-laws, for example.

All comments will be appreciated. (Smile)

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  • Daughter in-law and her daughter

  • I always wanted to do my mom,dad,bothers, ante, granma, as I got older my nieces, and my sons

  • So you're into family sex then? Lol

  • I always had a crush on my aunt, and since she got divorced I started to help her out with some stuff, which brought us closer. One night, after drinking a few too many glasses of wine, she told me it was a shame I was her nephew, because "you're a real gentleman and a real hunk and I'd be all over you if we weren't related". I decided to take advantage of her being drunk to confess I thought she was an incredibly sexy woman, much more than the ones my age (she's in her 50s). We've been dating and fucking in secret for 2 years now ;) And the end of her marriage helped her be more open to experimentation, so I do all sorts of perverted stuff with her. :)

  • Nothing wrong with that, good luck to you!

  • I'd fuck my mom if I thought she would

  • Try ;)

  • Really can't understand why incest hasn't been legalized by now! I really can't understand the problem!!

  • 100% agree!!

  • Also exempt parents from age of consent. imo its a mommys duty to give her boy orgasms, jizz or not. my mom made a secret video of the first time. in her bed she kisses down my tummy and disappeared under the covers. i gasp as mouth enveloped my dick and throws the cover off and started again i lasted for 25 seconds then i screamed "mommy somethings happening!" she took her off mouth and said "this is how much i love hunny" and back going even faster. l screamed and convulsed while stimulating me through my orgasm. we watch it to get off

  • I have had sex with my aunt and sister which was the very best, I want to have my mother I don't know it I could and how would I feel after, comments please

  • You would feel great! Just seduce her

  • I’d like to have sex with my aunt and one day I will

  • Both of my daughters-in-law and my son-in-law.

  • Everyone of my cousins, me and all of them naked in bed.

  • Hi, I would definitely have sex with my mother, sister. I masturbated thinking of them loads but mostly fantasied about my sister Katie for years now and I'm in love with her to be honest.

  • It's just me and my mom, she had me when she was very young (she's only 15 years older than me). And I do love her in a way that's beyond platonic, because she's a very desirable woman at 35, I'm sexually very fixated on her. She was on my mind the very first time I ever jerked off, and her moans from her nights fucking with her boyfriends are recorded in my brain. I do have a healthy dating and sex life with other women, but to this day I fantasize a lot about fucking my mom.

  • Wow, so many similarities to my mom and myself I can't believe it. After my mom and dad divorced, she had more than a few boyfriends also. I'd jackoff listening to her getting fucked imagining it was me. I'd try to keep from blowing my load until I heard my mom having her orgasm because it made it seem more like it was me cumming in her pussy.

  • You should try to get your mum in bed.

  • Definitely my oldest daughter.

  • Cousin, in-laws and step daughters (all if legal age) would be hot.

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