Always proud to be straight, now questioning

Ok Im going to be totally honest here and say that Ive always benn kind of homophobic. I never wanted to, like, beat up gay dudes or anything but I always figured being gay was kind of sick and pathetic. Ive called gay guys names behind their backs forever, mostly "faggot". Ive never even felt bad about it until now.

Anyway, I was always proud to be straight. Im 23 and have been with a few girls and only watched straight porn and stuff. Sure I preferred the dudes to have big cocks but not because I wanted to look at their cocks or anything.

So I have an older brother who I always figured was as straight as me. Im staying with him for a few weeks over the summer and when I got there a couple of days ago I got there in the morning instead of afternoon when i was supposed to. I cant find him when i get there so I go upstairs to look. When I get there his bedroom door is open and I hear a lot of moaning. I sneak over and look in and I see my brother on the bed on his back with his feet up on some dark skinned dude's shoulders and the guy is fucking his ass hard.

Just looking at this guy from the back I can tell that hes lean and muscled and I realized I was staring at his clenching ass and jiggling balls. I got hard and almost came in my pants. All i could do was get out of there as quiet and fast as i can.

I ended up driving around the city for hours but my erection wouldnt go down. Twice I had to pull into a back alley and jerk off until I came. Im even touching my dick as I write this in my brother's spare bedroom. When i close my eyes I can still see him getting fucked by that dude. I have no idea what to think or what to say to him.

The worst thing is that now Im thinking of my brother as a faggot and Im calling myself one inside my head too. I shouldnt but thats what im thinking. Does this mean Im gay?

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  • No. I think u just got turned on looking at that muscular ass. Are you attracted to men? Maybe u should fuck a man in his ass and see how you like it

  • Shut up faggot!!

  • The Liberal Democratic party is indoctrinating our youth and turning them all into homosexuals. You must fight this brainwarshing and resist with all of your heart and soul, or you will be walking around with a limp wrist, singing show tunes, with a load of HIV infected jizz dripping out of your ass into your diapers that you have to wear for the rest of your life because your rectum is so loose that you cant hold a turd in anymore.

  • You need to get your ass fucked badly. It's obvious. Believe me, you'll never forget the first time you watch your cock disappear inside another man's mouth, and you'll cum so fast and so hard you won't have time to think about it. Then you'll find yourself stroking to the memory of it regularly.
    And as good as it is having another man swallow a load of your cum, getting fucked will blow your mind. Just remember to play safe. Most Republicans don't.

  • O fuck, I’ve had affairs and fucked lots of married GOP types...and I’m a guy. The GOP types with repressed sex go wild....I’ve had top gun pilots, Army and Navy O6 Officers, Marines, doctors and lawyers....Ivy League business suit types.... and more. Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Yale, Harvard and all the east coast Wasps.

  • Yes, plus you have been watching broadway shows on TV and watching Golden Girls and want to sing in the local Gay Mans chorus.

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