Neighbor Surprises II

It was about a week after my first encounter with my widowed neighbor (see Neighbor Surprises).
She came over late in the afternoon and knocked on the door. I let her in and she said to me that, she couldn't stop thinking about my cum blasting down her throat. She said she could feel it and now she wanted to "see it". She told me she enjoyed watching men cum and how she felt "rewarded" by it and how much she used to love jacking off her husband.
I thought for a second, then said sure. I'd be happy to help her out with that. She smiled big and led me to the sofa. She then proceeded to out her tits and put my hands on then. My cock was flinching and hardening. She unzipped my pants and I took off my shirt. As I stood there, she again. Ran her fingers along my shaft and played with my dick head until my cock was so fucking hard and my underwear couldn't stretch any further. She smiled with delight and said "there's my bull cock".
She reached in and pulled out my cock. I took off my underwear and my cock stood in front of her sitting on my couch. She massaged my balls and said she wanted see just how thick she get my shaft and fat she get my cock head. She was lightly stroking me and would stop to tease the tip of my cock with her fingers. She asked if I wouldn't mind jacking it for her a bit. I said no and slowly started to stroke my I did this she continued to play with my balls and run her finger around the ridges of my dick head, taking her open palm and running on the underside of just my head and fingering my piss slit all while I was pumping my dick for her. Of course all this made my cock stiffer, my shaft thicker and my cock head flare hugely. The whole time her eyes kept a close eye on my dick head...each time my cock got thicker, she kinda giggled. She would say. She knew when I liked something she did because my cockhead would flare and become more massive.
She said she'd jack me off now as I was playing with her tits, she took my cock and rubbed my head across her hard erect nipples.
She said she loved my cock and couldnt to see it cum. I was now standing sideways in front of my couch in front of her as she faced forward on the couch me between her legs fondling her breast with my right hand and she continued to pump my cock and massage my sac. My head was stretched and shiney. She squealed when a thick strand of my pre stared to leak out of the piss slit at the end of dick. She stopped pumping my cock so she could play with the long strand of pre....taking her finger..and almost warpping my pre around it really started flowing...she took her had and squeezed hard the end of my cock at which point a river of pre came out of my piss slit...she squealed with delight at the site. She took the palm of her hand and wrapped it jut around the head on cock with my pre all over it and worked my knob, twisting, squeezing and rubbing my cockhead tightly. Then she grabbed my shat and began pumping my cock. My cock was straining up..but she had a good grip on the shaft with her left hand as she worked my knob with her right. It felt amazing. She said I can feel you need to come.....I could also feel the cum rising up my shaft. She held onto my ball sac and was stroking long rhythmic strokes to my shaft. She pumped my thick hard shaft always to the tip of my cock...after a few more pumps, she pumped my cock, but only up to just the bottom of my dick head, leaving my huge and meaty cockhead exposed..she kept locked on hervgaze on my head...she stroked and pumped my dick rhythmically..then a litter fast...she would use the whole entire palm of her hand just to twist and tease my head......until I was about to cum....she sensed this and said "I'm ready to milk this bull" massaged my ball's, held my shaft by the base and pumped my fucking hard shaft to just under my bigger then ever helmet. She would kinda work her fingers just on the underside of my didc head....she did this few more minute.....then my cock wad so fucking hard and she said she'd never felt another man harder as she had to pull down my cock fairly hard to keep it horizontal for her to pump. She worked the head twisting and teasing harder ....she then said your about to cum....told her keep looking at my massive she did, my cock thickened to her surprise as did my head....she actually kinda yelled out "Fuck" as my cock strained against her holding it down....arched up as high arching and thick, large heavy ropes of cum shot out of my shaft and piss slit. I could hear each blast of my seed splattering onto the carpet, coffee table, sofa and her tits. She was very pleased and proud of herself. She said to me."now that's a man's load of cum"! My cock was still sticking up with cum on the tip of it, as she stood up, she took her fingers, scraped up the last of my seed and liked her fingers. She said "Thank You"....I said " Thank You Too" walked her to the door....she turned, winked and left.

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