Thankful but Afraid

I'm an engineering student in college and very average looking at best. I'm 5'11", have to wear coke bottle glasses, overweight (230 lbs, being fit would be closer to 190), and this year I just started dating a girl for the first time ever. I'm 22.

The girl I'm dating is a Russian immigrant who is hotter than hell. She is also a student at the university but also teaches as a grad assistant in the language department. She is blond, blue eyes, hourglass figure, perky tits, perfect ass, and has a pussy eager to mount cock. I've watched my share of porn, and if she ever got into the business she would be a star. She's that attractive and good. 10/10.

We met in one of our classes, and I could tell that she is attracted to brains more than looks, otherwise she wouldn't be going out with me. I really love her, but I'm afraid that she is going to wise up and leave me. This is a daily fear. She is so much better looking than me that we are an epic mismatch. Don't get me wrong; I love spending time with her, going to movies, holding hands, and doing all of that. She makes me feel alive. And the sex is unbelievable.

But the only reason I think she showed interest in me is that she was new to the country and I befriended her in our engineering class and helped her with her homework. I'm the first American guy whom she has dated. I hope it never happens, but I live with the fear that she is going to replace me for someone better looking. She says she loves me, but it is hard to accept.

Has anyone here ever dated someone so attractive that you worried about being ditched?


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  • Dont worry about things you cant control. it sounds like you are in love which will make a break up worse but just enjoy the relationship for now and be the best person you can be as a partner. thats all you can do. what she does will be up to her, if it ends up that way.

  • Yes , I also dated a 10 like you. i was worried that I would lose her because men were always flirting with her and I could see she enjoyed the attention. I didn't know that after some time she was cheating on me with several men, one was her ex lover. I was broken ,and felt like a loser. Life goes on, wounds heal but you never forget..

  • I had a situation like this happen to me few years ago. There was a beautiful Vietnamese girl I had met while in college we had communication class together. We started dating. Sex was great, she had a good body. Cooked for me, gave massages. Treated me like a king. After a year together. She split up with me. I was very hurt. About maybe two months later. She started dating a black man and they been together for over four years with two black/Vietnamese children.

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