Wife caught me

My wife walked in on me laying in bed, jacking off with one of her dildos in my ass, and another one in my mouth. She had left for work, but forgot something and came back to get it.
She just stared at me for the longest time, without saying a word, then walked out of the bedroom and headed back to work. I'm a totally straight guy that's always making fun of homosexuals, and have no desire to fuck another man, so I know she was completely surprised.
When she got home from work that evening, I think we were both too embarrassed to bring it up, so we just pretended like it never happened. Later that night, though, it was a different story. She pulled one of her dildos out of her dresser drawer, lubed it up, then slid it up my ass while she sucked my cock. It felt so good as she worked it in and out, massaging my prostate, that I filled her mouth full of cum in about three minutes. She swallowed my huge load down, then kissed me on the lips, and asked me if that's what I wanted. I smiled and told her that she's the best wife a man could ever have, and I think she really is.

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  • Yes, it's quite a shock to them but your wife was cool about it and played into it with you.

    Wife caught me doing the same thing only I was in plow position with my legs over my head, giving myself a facial.

    "Holy shit!" she screamed, "I married a f@ggot?"

  • Fake story!

  • You're a fake story!

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