Sexy son in law

I have found cum in my dirty knickers in the laundry basket and as i live alone it has to be my son in law,
I have masturbated fantasizing about him so when i ask him to pop round to fix or do something i make sure i have no knickers on and sit opposite him and make sure he gets a good look at my shaved pussy.i leave my vibrator in the shower so he can see it when he's in the bathroom,

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  • The next time he comes over, get a few drinks into him , the drinks will soften him up and you will probably get what you want.

  • Would you feel bad the next time your daughter saw you if you made her husband cheat on her with you?

    If not, what would you want to allow him to do; jerk off while watching you sit across from him, jerk off on your tits; fuck your mouth; fuck your pussy; or some other acts, the ones you fantasize about if I didn't already list it.

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