Hidden cam taboo

Hidden cam, step son and his girlfriend.

I had a feeling that my step son was bringing his girlfriend home when I'm at work. So last year I installed a hidden camera to see what they were up to. At first they would just watch netflix and make out. But after a few weeks, they proceeded to oral sex. I was very confused at what to do. I didnt know whether I should confront them or not.

Then one day, they had sex for the first time, and I watched the whole thing live. Felt wrong that I was peeping into this special moment for them, but I couldn't stop myself. Over the next few months, they had sex once a week and I continued to watch. Most addictive part, is seeing them get better and more comfortable fucking each other. His girlfriend, who I haven't officially met yet, has gone from being shy and not wanting to take off her clothes, to someone who swallows, moaning really loud, crazy positions just a nympho now. After a while, I got rid of the hidden cam. Shame and guilt I guess, but I cant stop thinking about it.

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  • My wife thought I was having an affair, and put a hidden cam in the bed room. IO was, but not the way she thought. I was getting together with a male neighbor for sex. She ended up with quite a compilation of us sucking each other, and him fucking me. She invited the neighbors over for dinner one night, and after she ate, she turned on the tv and hit the play button. So there were Jim and I, sucking each other, and his cock in my as. Our wives were calling us cock suckers and faggots. A long heated discussion followed, and ended up with the wives watching us suck each other off. We still have sex with our wives blessings, as neither of them have much sex drive anymore, and would rather have us sucking cock and fucking than doing it with them.

  • So horrifyingly wonderful. Like a fantasy come true lol

  • I think it is just so lovely that you cared enough to ensure they were having sex possibly making sure they knew what they were doing, I do hope his girlfriend is on the pill it sounds like they are getting along famously and really loving fucking each other, I do hope that he gently starts anal with her as long as he is patient they should both love it so much.
    When I found out my teenage girl had a boyfriend I sat her down and started her on the pill immediately, discussed it with my husband and we let her move into our granny flat down the back yard so they would not be disturbed, they could come and go as they pleased but mostly they would cum if you know what I mean, it is such a terrific set up, she has always ask plenty of questions and tell me what they were doing sexually so cute

  • Since your stepson's girlfriend is such a nympho now, maybe you can fuck her too. Just think of your hard cock in that tight young pussy.

  • Allow exchanging e mail and adding pics

  • I don't know why you got rid of the camera, it was already there? I wouldn't have. I'd enjoy their fucking as long as they're fucking. No harm in just watching. If it were me, I'd be doing some recording.

  • There was one time I saw that they were recording themselves with his phone. I gained access to his phone and got hold of the video, so I have a nice pov angle

  • It maybe wrong to have a cam on them but if it is for his on private use I see no harm in it!

  • Your just a perverted prick bet you have continuously been pulling yourself off since, I hope that girl is on the pill, better have a talk to your boy.
    And listen hear you cunt no more watching, let them have their privacy

  • Mmm bet it was hot. Shut up prude

  • Yes to both, I did stop cuz I got rid of the camera and yes it was hot.

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