My ex gf from a few yrs ago before we was together she was with another guy at the time !! He would have her go to the coke man house and she would stay overnight and the next day would come home with free coke for him!! At first it was kind of disturbing but then the more I thought about it the more it turned me on !!! She would always tell me about her past ! All the men that had been. With her was amazing¡!! I would eat her while she told me everything damn it was hot

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  • After I broke up with my ex she and I would from time to time meet and screw our brains out. It didn't matter that she was going with someone or ready to marry the new love of her life. We would get stoned and just screw. I asked why she was like that and her answer was that she didn't care who she was going to marry , she wanted sex and didn't care where she got it from, if I wasn't available , she would get from someone else.

  • I used to fuck my dealer for free coke. I’d sit on his dick while I did a line, then I’d suck his cock while he did a line. Then we’d fuck, he’d dump a load of cum in me, and I’d leave with a free gram or two. One time there was an other girl there, on the bed near us getting fucked by two guys. We just watched and got high and fucked by them in a chair.

  • Sounds very hot

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