Coworker yes or no

So I work with this woman who is hot as fuck. She's married to someone else with kids. I am also married to someone else. About 4 years ago I started flirting heavily with this coworker and we ended up having sex in the backseat of my car before work one morning. We both agreed it was a mistake and decided to forget it ever happened. Fast forward to this week and we had a pretty bad workweek. I ended up supporting her in a very bad situation, so we stepped into a conference room so she could thank me. She was wearing a low cut shirt and out of the blue I commented about how beautiful she was. I told her that I couldn't stop looking at her tits and my dick was rock hard. She asked to see and when I stood up she smiled as she looked at my tent. I asked her if she wanted to have sex, but she said we couldn't. After some more words I told her that I just wanted to eat her pussy and we didn't have to have sex. Said said that wouldn't be fair to me. A few words later and she was back to we couldn't. Before we left the conference room, I asked her to wear the same sexy shirt next week. She said she had 2 of them in different colors and could wear them both. She controlled the last time we had sex by showing up one morning and asking if I wanted it. Now I'm curious if she'll do the same this time. She said we shouldn't and couldn't, but her flirtation suggests otherwise, and considering we've already done it once before, it's totally possible. Although we haven't done anything for 4 years now. What do you all think ? Will she or won't she?

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