Sack of spuds

On a lads holiday got chatting to a stunning looking woman, she had a slim toned body, perfect hair nails and makeup she looked amazing.
Got back to my apartment and bingo, she’s on my bed naked long slim legs perfect shape and size breasts lovely neat pussy and not a pubic hair in sight.
I’m straight between her legs licking and sucking that pussy, no sooner had I started she said no put it in, I’m thinking no problem I get the end of my dick over her pussy and start pushing away, if it wasn’t for my pre cum I would have never got it!
I’m now sliding half way in few more ins and outs and I’m nuts deep, I’m fucking away looking at her face and tits and she is not moving an inch, I lift her leg up to try and go deeper she said no so I continue, I said you wanna turn over no she said stay like this, I even tried pulling her to the edge of the bed and she said no, I pulled out shot my load over her pussy, she got up went to the bathroom got dressed and said let’s go met up with the others.
Got to be the most boring fuck I’ve ever had.

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  • Sounds like the only sound to come out of her mouth was no. Did she hardly make a sound, what some call a "Dead Fuck?"

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