Train journey to

Taking the train upto northern Scotland where my brother had relocated two years earlier, it was packed from Euston, pretty much until we got to Yorkshire.

I'd decided to go when my wife travelled to Belgium for work commitments. We'd not been seeing eye to eye ( Cock to pussy, if truth be known), so I booked my tickets after getting in touch with my older brother.

As we neared the border of England and Scotland I realised there was only myself and an older man in our train compartment. I also realised he'd moved seats so we were visible to each other.

A few minutes later I noticed movement and turned to see the older guy had taken his cock out of his trousers and was slowly wanking himself. When he saw me looking, he calmly as you like, asked me if I'd like to enjoy his cock.

To this day I'm not overly sure why I did what I did on that train. All I know is by the time I got off, I was no longer a straight young man, and I'd let a stranger enter my body with his manhood.

It just seemed perfectly natural and normal for me to sink down in front of him, take hold of his cock shaft, then suck on the head of his penis.

I carried on for some time learning as I went, with him directing me as I got more and more confident.
Then as if he'd known all along I'd say yes, he maneuvered me onto his seat, pulled my loose fitting Jeans down and felt his hot breath on my arsehole.
I didn't stop him, resist or even say a word. I was completely compliant and allowed him to tongue my rear hole.

Feeling him move up, I knew what was going to happen, yet still didn't react negatively. When his cock entered my arsehole I expected lots of pain, and there was some.
Yet at the same time his cock also felt so good up my bum.
With the movement of the train and him thrusting into me, plus my cock rubbing on the seat beneath me, my orgasm soon rose. I told him I was cumming only moments before he began to grunt next to my right ear.

As my cock let go, spewing my seed all over the seat below me, his cock erupted and I could feel each spurt entering my bowels.

When he pulled out, he still half lay over me. Turning my head he kissed me, then said "I knew you were gay".
I didn't bother to tell him otherwise, or that I was married (15 months). Nor did I tell him for so long in my life I'd questioned my sexuality.
Arriving at my brothers remote home some hours later, still with the feeling of the strangers cock up my arsehole, I put my things in his guest bedroom, then took a shower.

We chatted after eating and my brother eventually asked me why I'd decided to visit. My answer was "Remember our old bedroom. Remember that night. Now I want everything".

You see the guy on the train wasn't my first experience of sucking cock. On a very wet and windy night, my brother invited me into his bed so we could 'experiment'. We ended up in a sixty nine sucking each other's cocks, and we both tasted and drank down each other's orgasms.

Before I left his bed, I sucked his cock hard again as he wanted to try and fuck me. Only his cock was too big, or my arsehole too tight. We gave up, but not before he fucked my mouth instead.

We never repeated what happened that night, and over the years afterwards I kind of regretted him not fucking me.

He went on to live with a guy and they had a wonderful life together. However things changed and my brother moved up to Scotland on his own. It's a place he adores as it's where our parents took us as kids.

The answer my brother gave me, was to lead me into his bedroom where for the second time in one day, I took an older mans cock deep up my arsehole.

As the sun rose, I was riding my big brother's penis as he gripped my cock jerking it to the rhythm I was fucking him.
We both came with extremely strong orgasms, with me cumming over his muscled chest. And I just loved watching his face as he pumped his cum into my boy pussy.

I stayed in his home a couple of days extra. We ate, slept, walked around the stunning landscape. We fucked whenever we wanted to and grew to know what each other liked. It was four days of learning about what we both enjoyed sexually, and of catching up for lost time.

On top of a rocky crag on my last day outside of his home, with cattle moving below us, I knelt and felt his large cock slide up my hole. He was fucking me for the second time that day, and I genuinely couldn't get enough of him deep within my body.

When he came up my arse, I spun around, sucked in his cock and cleaned it of my anal juices and his cum. It was dark when we got back to his home, so we showered ate and sat talking about our futures. Deciding to do what has now transpired.

Now eight months on, my relationship with my wife is coming to a natural end. She's seeing a guy who she met in Belgium (They fucked on her first night there) and I'm about to relocate to a beautiful part of the northern lakes. My brother has just sold his home and will be joining me at the cottage he and I have purchased.

Its something we should have done years ago, but then life didn't lead us that way.

Now I'm so glad it has.

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