Cheated on Husband at Store

My husband was only man I was ever with. Im 33 and we have been married for 4 years. We met in college when I was still virgin. Our sex life has always been pretty good, I think.

I'm not sure why this happened, but here is confession: on the night of 4th of July few weeks ago I ran to the supermarket for few things. The store is only 1/4 mile from house, so I go there a lot, 3 or 4 times week so the employees recongnize me and I them. Well the store was crazy busy that night with everyone needing things for 4th of july. People were everyplace, the store was insanely loud.

One of the stockers named Kevin who is 20, or maybe 22 years and I have talked to in past was working and running around like mad to keep up. I could tell he was stressing out over things and really he looked exhauseted and angry. I will admit that I have been attracted to him, although he is sort of geeky, he had nice body, and a very, very cute butt that I always check out. lol. and a short blond crewcut.

Really, he almost looked ready to cry. Now like I said, I have only been with my husband, but for some reason, who knows why, I guess I was bored (??) just horny (????), I said to Kevin: "do you want your dick sucked? Would that help?"

I have NO IDEA why I offered, but he was excited and led me to some rooms behind the customer service desk. We found one that was mostly empty, just random things on the floor. He undid his pants and I got down on my knees to blow him. He immediately shot up into an erection and was bigger than husband. I would say two inches longer and much thicker.

I began to suck him right there! the room didn't even have a door, although it was dark. I was determined to make him cum and Im sure he really needed to! I lowered his pants some so I could massage and stroke this beautiful ass checks! LOL. Very firm and round!

As I sucked his big dick I completely forgot about my husband, I began to get wet and had to have Kevin. I stopped, pulled off shoes and pants. He realized I wanted to be fucked and pulled off his shirt and also removed pants. We wadded up the clothes for me to lay on top of rather than on the tiled floor and he got on top of me. After a few misses, he got his cock into me. IT FELT AMAZING! So much bigger than husbands! I squeezed his butt as he began thrusting.

The truth: he fucked me much better than my husband ever has. His cock was better size, and thrusted MUCH harder and more intensely. I rarely have an orgasm with my husband unless he gives me oral, but Kevin gave me two powerful orgasms, right there on the floor. At first I was terrified someone would walk in and catch us, but after few minutes, I really didn't care.

As I said, Kevin is sort of geeky, but he was quite confident at sex, and I am sure he wouldn't have stopped if anyone had found us! He gave me two orgasms before grunting and cumming in my pussy.

It was incredible, but I have felt guilty since! Really, I feel ashamed at times, every time I go to the store I wonder if he told co-workers. i'm worried my husband will somehow find out.


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  • Back in the 70's I worked in supermarket while going to college -- in the deli where I got to know the customers by name. I should have kept a diary but I bet I had sex 10 or 12 customers -- most were single girls I took on dates but there were 4 or 5 married women in their 30's or early 40's. Once I did the the first unthinkable, sex with a married lady 42, younger ones came easy. I picked up on the same body language, looks and flirting I got -- The biggest problem it was busy -- I get the 'fuck me' look but neither of us could hit on each other in front of other customers. But only had sex in the store with a divorced cashier and it was blowjobs--- she was 15 years older. As far as I know I was the the only one getting laid -- and there was at least 3 other college guys working there -- my coworkers knew of some -- the single girls but only the the 42 year old because the way she fawned on me. But that was her doing.

  • Your husband won't find out so stop worrying -- give yourself a high 5.
    My wife had a fling with her girlfriend's ex -- who walked in on them -- and just thought I should know. She was mid 30's then too. It's expected -- I shrugged it off. Horny women like her and you do this things once and awhile -- what makes you keepers. Goody Two shoes types don't -- they're not worth fucking, nor do they want to be - they put out at home once a week because it's a required chore.

  • Maybe you can get a discount on groceries.

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