What's your most taboo experience?

What is the most taboo experience you've experienced with other people? Let it all out share your " I did it even though I knew what I was doing was so wrong experience. "

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  • I face time a guy I’m a straight male and let this guy look at my ass and jerk off.

  • I’m a straight male and sucked a transsexual cock with a condom. Didn’t last long I didn’t know what I was doing

  • My sister and I have shared lovers most of our lives. In middle school and highschool we would share details. Swap boyfriends. Even now we are both married but got with guys that are into swapping. She's fucked my husband and I've fucked hers. We have just never had any boundries, others think it is weird but its just how we are.

  • Sounds hot

  • It is!

  • I have a kid with an ex boyfriend's dad. Its awkward. And I didn't cheat with the dad. I knew he was a man whore. He was always bringing girls home from the bar. But he was always nice and great to be around but always flirty and very gropy.

    His son and I eventually broke up but I ran into at the store and we got to talking. exchanged numbers and went on but he started texting me. Things turned flirty, which were weird at first but since I knew thats how he was I let go. It just grew on me, then he invited me over one night. Got to talking, drinking, having fun. He mad3 his move and we ended up fucking.

    Hooked up a couple more times with him and boom pregnant. Try explaining that to your family and friends. I was 27 at the time. We have a 4 year old now. We aren't dating or anything but he is still a good dad. But his son and I can barely be in the same room together.

  • How about the dad and son? How is there relationship? What about the sex which one turned you on more?

  • I know they didn't talk for like six months. but they are on speaking terms again. The son was hotter. but his dad was way better in bed.

  • My most taboo moment was the night before my wedding. We had rented a limo for the bachelor party and ended out at a club. The bridesmaids and my fiancee showed up. One of the bridesmaids was helping me sneak out so my fiancee wouldn't see me and we ended up in the limo together. She gave me the best bj I've ever had. Then I nailed her. She is my wife's best friend so they still hang out together. My wife never found out.

  • I slept with my boyfriend's brother.

  • I like cheating on my husband. I'm a very attractive women half Cherokee so I've got dark brown eyes and jet black hair. To top it of f i keep my figure up. I'm 5'4" 115 lbs with d cups. It is such a turn on when my husband takes me out and guys flirt with me in front of him and their wives. For the first few years of our marriage I just flirted but after a few.years i went ahead and had an affair with his best friend. After that i enjoyed it so much I took on more lovers. It was such a turn on being out with or meeting up with other couples and having bedded their boyfriend's and husband's. My husband eventually found out and him and one other couple arranged a night out together where they decided it was time to even the playing field. They suggested we swap. I wasn't interested. They all kept pressing and we ended up swapping. Watching my husband cum in another woman was the most heart wrenching experience of my relationship. He new it as she did and they did it 3 times that night in front of me.

  • When I was 14 years old (male) my friends sister was 18 and she seduced me quite a few times before she got married. She was pregnant when she got married not sure if I was the father? Unlike kids today. I never told anyone because at 14 I was just so happy she picked me. She was good looking and liked sex and I was a virgin that needed a guide. Thanks Mary you helped me take matters out of my hands.

  • My buddies wife. We were both feeling attracted to each other. We had a few heavy make out sessions but she wouldn't sleep with me. I only felt her up on the outside of her shirt and pants. It was driving me crazy. One day after work I stopped at the local watering hole and as I talked to one of the regulars i realized he had a connection to some pills. I placed an order with him. A few weeks later my wife and I were scheduled to meet with my buddy and his wife for dinner. We had dinner with a few drinks then I pulled out some weed to loosen everyone up. While they were enjoying getting high i went inside and mixed up new cocktails with a little something extra. It wasn't long and my wife and buddy were passed out. I knew his wife was up for a major make out session but I had another plan. I added a little something to her drink and excused myself. Went to the backyard and cranked up the hot tub. I could see her at the table as I waited for the hot tub to heat up. She got up and started heading towards the hot tub and I could see she was feeling no pain. I took off my shirt. We sat on the side of the hot tub and talked. I invited her to hot tub with me and she declined saying she had no suit. I dropped my shorts and said neither do I. I caught her eying my erection and kissed her.

  • I got married in my early twenties. My husband was a virgin. I was always good looking and have a great body so I had been with other guys before we met. I had a few affairs after getting married and my husband new about one of them. So after we were married about 4 years I became real good friends with another woman. After a few months her and my husband started flirting with each other. I decided it was time for him to have an affair. I invited her over on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks with us. After dinner I pretended a call was from work and told them I had to go in and would be home in a couple hours. I suggested they do the dishes and hang out till I get back. I went down the road and parked the car and walked in through the back yard. She was washing the dishes and my husband was standing behind her with his arms around her. It turned into a huge make out session. She ended up on the counter he had his head between her legs. Then they went to our bedroom and got it on in our bed. He always denied anything happened and I never told him I watched them. We had 2 kids and had a great relationship until he passed away recently.

  • Is it wrong to jack off

  • When I was 17 I began having sex with my neighbour.He was in his forties.I didn't have a boyfriend at the time.It started when I got home and my parents weren't there and i misplaced my key.He let me wait inside his.We chatted at first and it was all innocent.But then i would visit him more often when parents weren't in.I wasn't a virgin but just young curious girl.I realised i was attracted to him and would flirt with.He started flirting back and then one day i kissed him on the lips.We made out downstairs for a while and then he asked me if i really wanted this?I said yes so he led me up to his room.As we undressed my heart was racing.I had never seen a dick as big as his before and it just hung there.He performed oral on me which was the best id ever had.Then put a condom on and fucked me in various positions resulting in me having to bury my face in a pillow because i was moaning so loudly.I never came so much in my life.Afterwards i made it home before my parents were back and showered.I felt sore the next day.I screwed him many more times.I even told a friend who eventually joined me a few times.Stopped when i got a boyfriend after i turned 19.

  • I'll make a full post about this later, because I wanna share our story, but this is it in a nutshell: my biological mother and I have been living for a few years in a marital-style relationship, and are expecting a baby.
    She was talked into giving me up for adoption when she was pregnant as a teen, and I was only told I was adopted until I turned 18 and went away to college. I only knew the name of my biological mother, and vowed to find her after I finished college. I did just that and, details aside, she agreed to meet me. She lived abroad, so it wasn't as easy as a 45-minute drive to see her. But after several meetings over a couple of years, we reconnected... just not in the expected way. It was strange at first, but we finally accepted the sexual nature of our connection wholeheartedly and agreed to "get married": despite serious concerns from my adopted family, I moved in with her and we live as any married couple would. People don't suspect the truth, since we don'teven share the same last name, but they are still a little judgemental (we look likea cougar who scored herself a young boy, or vice versa, a guy who got himself a MILF). But we love it, and we love each other.

  • Can't wait to hear the sexy details. It's just too bad she wasn't around to suck and fuck you at much younger ages but I'm sure you're making up for it

  • I don't think our relationship would have turned the way it did if she had been around before. If anything, it works because we were basically complete strangers. There's this thing called genetic sexual attraction, it blossoms exactly among people like us: family members that were separated practically all their lives. Most people don't embrace it. We did.
    And for the most part, we've grown accustomed to not referring to each other as mom or son, so as not to blow our cover. Out in the open we're basically like any other couple. We only say things such as "fuck mommy's ass" or "I'm gonna cum, mom", when we're very aroused. ;)

  • I had a friend years back who had his Great Aunt living with his family. She was pushing eighty years old and the family looked after her because she was senile and had no family of her own. Aunt Clara didn't speak or do much of anything, usually just sat in her chair and watched everybody around her. One evening while Glen's parents were out, 4 of us took turns fucking the old gal. She took us into her cunt 7 times, her mouth 5 times and I fucked her ass once. Not once did she show any emotion or change the expression on her face, she seemed totally unaware of what we did to her. Back in her chair we occasionally squeezed her tits and put her hand on our cocks and talked about when we could fuck her again, which I never did, though I did fuck Glen's mother a few times that summer.

  • I remarried after I lost my wife, my partner and her daughter moved in with me. I had never been attracted to young girls but J was an exception. I could barely keep my eyes off of her when she was around. She was a petite little thing with these perky tits, I was so ashamed to be fucking my wife and imagining it was her daughter.

    It was always just a fantasy and I never expected anything to ever come of it, till I walked in on her in the shower. J was leant against the tiles with the shower head between her thighs, her eyes locked with mine as she continued to moan. I pulled out my cock and began to play with myself, I came soon after she violently orgasmed - her body tensing and shaking with pleasure.

    I felt so ashamed by what I did that day, I couldn't look at her daughter in the same way - knowing she had seen me masturbating and together we had orgasmed watching one another. I didn't quite believed it had happened until our family night on the Friday, where we watched a movie together and got in takeaway.

    J came and sat next door to me and her mum, half way through the movie I noticed that H had fallen asleep and that's when Jade pulled my hand between her thighs. Through the thin fabric of her pyjama bottoms I could feel that she had the most perfect pussy and my god, was it wet!
    I broke and I took her right there on the sofa as her mum slept, It was animalistic and desperate, I muffled the sounds of her cries with my palm as I buried myself so deep inside of her. She came so many time I eventually lost count of the times she clenched around me, I eventually finished inside of her and it was the hottest thing ever to see my semen leaking out from between her puffy lips.

    It soon became a regular thing and I ended up fucking J on a daily basis, sometimes my wife directly or soon after. J finally got a boyfriend, she went off for college and now is married with kids herself. I do wonder if she ever thinks about me and the amazing sex we shared.

  • I am a white female police officer that is assigned to a black area of the city. One night we had a traffic stop and I had to frisk this cute black guy. This was not the first black guy I had ever frisked so I knew he could be hung. But dam he was super hung. Anyway I ran his info and it came back clean. The driver got a ticket and they both were released. Two months later I was in this bar waiting for a friend of mine. Next thing I knew was the bartender gives me a drink from a fellow over their at the end of the bar. It was the cute black guy I frisked. So my friend shows up. The cute black guy and his friends come over. We start talking and what not. We end up in a motel. Five guys and two girls. We got the shit fucked out of us. One more thing I was right the cute guy was hung big time.

  • You slut police officers...tell us more how you cuff people up, and use the nightstick on them...and humiliate men.

  • I lost my virginity to my friend's stepmom. She was an alcoholic, the type that drinks early in the day, and she did drugs too. She was wide, thick, and plain looking, but still attractive in her own way with big tits and ass. She'd be out of her head and horny, and loved to fuck. I'll never forget how much she smoked cigarettes too. The room we hung out in had like a thick cloud of smoke nearly always. She was a piece of work for sure, but quite popular with my friends and I.

  • Hidden cam, step son and his girlfriend.

    I had a feeling that my step son was bringing his girlfriend home when I'm at work. So last year I installed a hidden camera to see what they were up to. At first they would just watch netflix and make out. But after a few weeks, they proceeded to oral sex. I was very confused at what to do. I didnt know whether I should confront them or not.

    Then one day, they had sex for the first time, and I watched the whole thing live. Felt wrong that I was peeping into this special moment for them, but I couldn't stop myself. Over the next few months, they had sex once a week and I continued to watch. Most addictive part, is seeing them get better and more comfortable fucking each other. His girlfriend, who I haven't officially met yet, has gone from being shy and not wanting to take off her clothes, to someone who swallows, moaning really loud, crazy positions just a nympho now. After a while, I got rid of the hidden cam. Shame and guilt I guess, but I cant stop thinking about it.

  • Very hot.I spied on my 17 year old daughter getting fucked by her 19 year old boyfriend and wow it was better than watching porn.He was hugely hung for his age,way bigger than me.He made her moan and scream and he lasted so much longer than I do and had so much stamina and when he came he stayed hard and carried on fucking her.I think she came something like 7 times.My little girl is so lucky.I was so hard watching and just always think of them when I masturbate.Now I can't stop thinking of him giving my wife some of that huge cock.If only.

  • I have and am a very sexual person, 26 currently and a woman. My mother was embarrassed a few times with me rubbing myself wherever it struck me and luckily I listened. We were over at my Aunts house one New Years eve like always when I was around thirteen and I was really turned on. The younger kids were playing hide and seek and asked me join, I figured why not as it gave me an excuse to go hide somewhere and play with myself. I found an upstairs bedroom and the closet was a walk in, went inside and pushed myself into a corner, hiked my dress up and slid my panties down then began masturbating.
    I was not being very quiet about it as my fingers began making noise sliding across my lips and clit as I rubbed myself. I let out a few deep breaths and had just began fingering myself deeply when I heard a boys voice ask me if I was alright. If that was not bad enough seconds later a flashlight came on and the light was definitely good enough to see my fingers froze in place on me.
    I told him to turn off the light and sat there for a second trying to figure out how I was going to explain this to my mother thinking he was going to just run out of the closet screaming he saw my private parts. I then heard him ask if he could keep watching me do it and I could not believe my voice whispering he could not tell anyone about it. He told me he would not and then asked if he could turn his flashlight back on to which I said yes.
    I continued rubbing myself lit up by his flashlight still not sure exactly which cousin he was then I heard a few foot steps running into the bedroom so I told him turn out his light as I pulled my panties back up. The door opened to the closet and the light turned on, I looked over and it was Robert who is about two years younger than I am. We ended up playing with each other over the years a few times just for fun which was really exciting for me.

  • In high school my older sister was dating this hunk. I walked in on them getting it on and they didn't notice me. I got a real good show. A few days later he stops by the house and I tell him my sister is not home. He says good i want to talk to you. He asks me if I enjoyed the show? I was so embarrassed and flustered. He holds me telling me not to be ashamed then starts kissing me. I didn't resist. He took my virginity that day.

  • My husband has never been that great in bed and I never thought I would cheat on him but it happened. Our neighbor is older and retired, we talk quite a bit during the day, I knew he was coming over to have coffee on the patio but I decided to just stay in my pajamas. He could not take his eyes off of my nipples because the material is both thin and a little see thru. I knew I was teasing him a lot but I wanted him to bring it up first, he did not.
    I finally asked him after probably an hour of coffee and talking if he wanted to come inside and help me with something, once he realized what the something was he suggested we go over to his house. I knew it was wrong but I was hoping for some great sex and he did not let me down at all.

  • Late 30's going through a shitty divorce my ex husband has a younger girlfriend.I needed some help around the house.A friends neighbour said her son is starting uni and wants to earn some cash.So I say sure.He comes round and I think I instantly had the hots for him.He was 21 and had a great body.Id watch him working without his shirt on in the garden.Anyway I got on too well with him and ended up shagging him,alot.For about 3 months till the end of summer I screwed him up to 3 times a week.Gosh he had some stamina and a nice cock.

  • Wife and I were hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail, we met two college girls also hiking the trail. We somehow had a campsite to ourselves that night and had a trailside orgy.

  • OMG -- 40 years ago my smoking hot wife posed naked on the AT with a scenic backdrop -- her and a girlfriend met two guys hiking the whole trail. She had a tube top on and they asked just her to pose. then they asked her to lower her top a bit to show off more cleavage. 'How about I just slip it off" -- they were like sure. Soon she was bare ass naked as they snapped away.
    "Nicest guys -- both had 6 packs" She blamed me some for making her used to posing naked. "They were coaxing me to show more tits -- they remind me of you -- then off came everything." I still Google looking, hoping they post them. She says they took maybe 40 -- they changed film.

  • My mom divorced and remarried when I was 19. All of a sudden I had step-sisters who were 18 (Alice) and 16 (Jana). Coming from different parents, Alice and I bonded, in more ways than one. Our parents never knew that we fucked regularly.

  • During the time I was engaged I went away with 2 work colleagues to work on a contract for a client.The company put us up in a hotel but they must have mixed up because they put me with 2 guys.Anyway it worked out ok until the Friday when we had drinks in the bar.We all got tipsy and then went to our room where I fucked them both.They were both bigger and better than my fiance and I was left fully satisfied several times over.I felt bad I almost broke up with my fiance but kept it a secret and he doesn't know to this day.

  • My junior high football coach and I had sex after practice all the time. We met up by accident 20 years later at a restaurant and was still a hot stud. So we both got up and went to the bathroom and I sucked all the cum from his cock. Then we both went back to our families at the tables. I have his number now and we will be at it again soon.

  • I used to screw my ex sister inlaw. She would ask for help feeding the live stock. I think her husband was screwing my wife. While We was out feeding the live stock. My ex sister inlaw loved cock, she took on a bar with her sister inlaw. I used to screw my ex with her sisters cum on my cock and most likely her husbands cum in my ex wife

  • My mom came home from a girls night out just stumbling and hanging on to me after she entered the house. I was trying to get her into her bed and I swear that I was not horny at all when it started. Suddenly she just went right to her knees and slurred out what a hot guy I am and she wanted to suck my cock. I was wearing sweats which she pulled down in like a second then began laughing at my white underwear, I stood there stunned for an instant as I saw my cock springing out as she yanked down my briefs. She slobbered all over me and sucked on me really slow for about thirty seconds then gagged and quickly turned around puking all over the floor.
    I pulled my clothes back up and she turned to me and told me she was sorry, she then looked around and told me I had a really nice place. I thought to myself she has no clue where she is at or what she is doing at all. I told her to hang on a minute and went and got a washcloth so she could clean up her face then got her up on the bed and told her to lift her arms up while I stripped off her top, next I removed her bottoms and she was lying on her bed naked. She went to sleep and never heard another peep out of her until late morning.

  • When I was in high school there was this guy who always had weed but he was in his 50's, if my parents ever knew that I hung out at his house they would have grounded me for life.
    One day he told me I was really hot and told me he would trade me weed for sex, I did not agree to it right away but the next time I was over there I asked him if he still wanted to trade. Holy crap did he ever rock my world, I was not a virgin but I had never been with a guy that actually knew what he was doing. We had sex dozens of times and everytime I had the most mind blowing orgasms and many of them.

  • I was a pretty wild teenager, lost my virginity at fourteen and loved my body touched and caressed by both guys and girls. When I was seventeen my little brother was thirteen and I was always catching him staring at me and I even caught him under my bed once. I thought it was funny that the little horny guy was trying to get a look at me but I played it like I was mad about it. One day I was feeling pretty horny myself, we had the house to ourselves all day because it was summer break. I took off my clothes and walked down to his room, he was absorbed in a video game and I walked up behind him and set my boobs right on his head. He dropped the game controller and spun around staring at my body and stuttering, I asked him if he wanted to play with me instead of the game. It took some time for him to calm down and my nipples were pretty sore after that first time but we had some pretty good times together over the next few years.

  • I was around ten and staying over at my cousins house for the weekend, my older cousin was watching us and she was like seventeen at the time. She talked us into playing cowboys and Indians with me being the first one tied up for some reason. I had no idea at the time that she pinned her brother down and tied him up to the foot of his bed, I was downstairs in the basement. She came downstairs and was like this totally different person, she took off her shorts and I was shocked as hell staring up at her pubic hair. She knelt down right over my face and told me to start licking her and soon she was just grinding herself all over. I had no idea what the hell I was doing but she was moaning and getting herself off on me.
    She got up and told me not to tell anyone about this or she would kick me right in the nuts. I walked upstairs and found Kev still tied to his foot board, I started untying him and he asked me if she made me lick her. The look on my face told him everything and then he just shrugged and told me that she does it to him all the time. I was to young at the time to realize I would grow up and want that all the time.

  • So hot.. love when girls get perverted

  • I lived with this guy for about two years and he was very into experimenting sexually with me, I never turned down any of his ideas because most of the time when they came up we were high. He had me naked and tied up already and had been teasing the hell out of me for quite some time when up walked our dog, my legs were spread wide and his nose stopped a few inches from my vagina. He then went all the way and seconds later I felt his tongue on me, my boyfriend was as wide eyed as I was staring at him as he laid right down between my legs and started a lick fest that was to last for the next hour. I moaned and screamed out in orgasms as the dog just patiently kept licking away on me like I was ice cream spilled on the floor. He finally got up and walked away but my BF had another idea and wanted to see if the dog would mount me, I was like well I have gone this far so why not.
    Several attempts later with me on my knees and head on the floor the dog finally drove it into me and I definitely felt it growing, he got huge and at one point I was thinking if this thing gets any bigger I am pushing him off. All I could hear over the panting in my ear was my BF telling me over and over how amazed he was at the size of the dogs cock in me.
    He dismounted me with a popping sound and I looked back at one of the largest cocks to have ever entered me, it was huge! I could feel his ejaculate running out of me and still heard my BF saying how damn hot this was to watch. Suddenly he grabs a hold of my hips and sinks his cock deep into me and just pounds away on me until he fills me with his ejaculation. I mean overall I was pretty sexually satisfied with quite a few orgasms but I still felt more like I had been just a fuck toy for the both of them that night.

  • Years ago we pet sat for our neighbor, they had a large dog something like a lab mix. I walked him two or three times a day and fed him, he came over to me after he had finished eating and I was wearing a pair of shorts. He planted his nose right into me and began licking my thighs and the fabric. I closed my legs up at first but minutes later I was bottomless with my legs spread out sitting on the edge of the chair with him stroking his tongue up and down me. I did it all with that dog over the next few days and currently have large male dog for both protection and sex.

  • Same, my husband loves to watch

  • Thats a good thing ;)

  • Do you still play with dogs?

  • When I was in college and I think around twenty years old I went over to my aunts house to help out with yard work, several hours later I was sitting on the couch naked with a towel under me, she was kneeling on the floor between my legs giving me my first blow job. She finished sucking on me swallowing it all then stood up and removed her top and bra, she grabbed on my hands and led me back to her bedroom where I learned how to pleasure a woman for about an hour or so.
    I must have been good at it because she always asked for me to do her yard work and even gave me money so my mom did not think I was doing it for free. Looking back on it I had some of the best sex of my life during those days.

  • My parents loved Great Danes and when I was around sixteen I got so horny one day that I screwed one of the females. I could not believe how good it felt and did it numerous times over a few years until I finally quit.

  • That's hot 🔥

  • My wife worked in care work and volunteered with helping troubled young people.We had many teenagers and kids stay with us.Once had an 18 year old girl stay with us.She was a bit skanky but soon cleaned up nicely and looked very pretty.But she was a bit of a slutty flirt when my wife was away.Before she left I received several blowjobs off her and the day before she went while she sucked me sitting on the spare bed I pushed her back,slid on a condom and fucked the hell out of her.

  • My brother used to sneak up on me and grab my hands. He’s tie them behind my back, pull my top over my head and let his friends feel me up. I never told him, but I always liked it.

  • I once came in the crotch of a pair of my step-daughter's white knickers...and put them back in her drawer...

    Knowing she's at some point she's put them on and unknowingly had my cum next to her pussy has me hard every time I think about it! ;-)

  • Hope she's young

  • I got married at 19 and money was tight so I took this job at a family run business. The owner was this women and her husband worked for her. The staff numbered about 30 people with all but three people being males. The owners husband was in his early 50's and he was always trying to hit on the girls. One day he caught me in a narrow hallway and started feeling me up. He said if I blew him he could get me a better position in the company. I told him to let me go. That night I went home upset by what had happen only to find several past due bills in the mail. Like I said money was tight. Two days later in a broom closet I blew the owners husband. I got my promotion and became his cum dump for the next seven years. Finally my husband got a new job that paid almost twice what he was getting at his old job The past due bills stopped coming and I quite my job. No wrinkly old man fucking me two and three times a week. On my way out the door I let the owner know what her husband was doing for the past seven years. Last I heard she divorced him.

  • You loved all of it, admit it.

  • I served on a sub in the US Navy and I was the captains little bitch. When the captain is happy the boat is happy. I even stayed in his quarters and the crew knew it. But it was ok. He was married and when the cruise was over, he went back to her.

  • Are you a guy?

  • Of course. This was before women were allowed on subs. Getting all those men together in a small space for that long, lots of cock sucking and some fucking happens. Not to mention handjobs. Subs are full off cum loaded trash.

  • My husband and I were married last year and I was pretty inexperienced having only been with him. I had an affair with a close friend of ours who's obviously well endowed. I'm not sure whether it's the size thing or just that I wanted to experience sex with another man?

  • I think married women who step out on their husbands do so because they are seeking nastier sex or rougher sex. My experience is they want to be pleasured in ways they don't want to tell hubby because they'll thought of as sluts or whores. Girls, who love being girls, want to get down and nasty and they want the guy to make them do it.

  • I hate to agree with you but its true, iv let total strangers do real nasty things and do things in ways i would never ask my boyfriend.

  • Yes I also agree.I cheated on my husband after 6 years of marriage.The sex was amazing and it became a full blown affair.I rarely said no to my lover and eventually let a third person join us.And let me tell you,2 cocks in you are better than one.

  • Oh i have to agree with that last part too.
    it something i never thought i would do but after i did once i was wanting more after

  • Lucky guy

  • In college I lived off campus at my aunt and uncle's house, as it was nearby and it saved me money. I didn't have a boyfriend, but had a high sex drive. My sexy uncle used to give me quickies when my aunt wasn't around. He always cooled me off and he was a lot of fun. This went on for a year and a half until I finally found a steady guy. My parents have no idea.

  • A few years back, I used to frequent swinger clubs, and as long as they were open to it, I took women I dated there. There was one time when we were approached by a couple, because the guy was attracted to my date. It didn't hit me at first because we were all wearing masks, but his companion was my sister. At first I felt extremely embarrassed and struggled to hide it. She didn't. She casually touched my arm and lead the conversation, played it cool like we were complete strangers. I played along, my companion didn't suspect anything, and when all was said and done, the other guy took my date elsewhere. We kept playing it like we were just turned on strangers... and we crossed that line. We went to a room and fucked. Only then she acknowledged what was happening, saying things like "fuck your little sister". I fucked her hard, pulled her hair, pinned her face agains the bed, called her a whore, came inside her bareback. Best, most intense orgasm I've ever had. Never done it again. Never even acknowledged it in years, but I'd love to repeat it.

  • Bill and I went to this cheap beach hotel. It had two showers per floor. You could wait an hour to take one. They had a pool with 8 showers in one big room, like a high school gym has -- but with no roof. The guys all used that one. late one afternoon our showers 10 chicks in line. This other girl said I'll go to the guy's shower if one of you do too. I said I'm in. And we took a shower with 6 guys and 4 more in line watching. They all got erections. 1982

  • I bet you loved looking at all that cock ;)

  • Well? What happened then?

  • I'm a man. My older sister and I were always very close, and when we were teens, we drunkedly had sex one night. We enjoyed it so much we kept it up for a few years in secret. We stopped when she went away for college, and even if our relationship kept on being rather flirty, we never slept together again. Eventually we both got married and had families of our own.
    Life hasn't been very kind to us recently. A few years after losing our parents, I divorced my life-long wife, and she got through her second divorce from an abusive husband. She moved in with me so we could take care of each other, and earlier this year we celebrated her 50th birthday. After dinner, between music and glasses of wine, we had a long talk about our feelings, one thing led to another and we made love again for the first time in decades. It was fiery, romantic but also animalistic. It was confusing at first because we're well aware we're not supposed to be doing this, but at the same time it felt so right. Ultimately, we figured that if we tried our hands at love our separate ways, we couldn't be wrong if life presented us with the chance of finding it in the person we both care about the most.
    We obviously can't get married, but we're living as if we were. We go everywhere together, we go on dates, we make love. Our children live abroad, so we won't be seeing them until Christmas, but we don't think we should ever tell them. We haven't gone public with our extended family either, we don't think we ever will. But a couple of friends are aware of our relationship and accepted it very open-mindedly. And frankly, no other relationship has ever felt better in my life.

  • When that chemistry kicks in, it KICKS IN!

  • I agree. It's very hard to resist, she's hotter than she has any right to at 50 years old.

  • Good for you!

  • Long time ago we're all in our mid 20's. My good looking buy shy buddy never been laid. He is shy around girls, buy after hanging out with us 2 years he warms up to my hot wife. She's a real goody two shoes, church going type -- but can get a little slutty. He asks the unthinkable -- can I fuck your wife. I'm like no fucking way pal. I dis-invite him to our weekend get togethers. After a month my wife is like where's Jim? I tell her and she like Huh, that creep. About a month later she goes I miss him, you miss him -- I'll do it.

  • Well did it happen??

  • She did with him twice. He was so hooked after the first time -- she let him a second time -- then told him you go find a girl -- can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. She said it was fun "he's good looking --- so no problem there -- fun be the teacher -- who ever gets to do that?" Things were strained --- you could tell he always wanted to fuck her. Haven't seen him years. In time I got over it,, we have fun where I play Jim fucking her for the first time.

  • Let a complete stranger change my daughter into her swim suit at a public pool

  • She was 4

  • Email me veryyoung1@yahoo.com

  • How old is your daughter

  • Why would you do that?

  • Because he is a fucking sicko clearly! This isn't a place for nonces, gtfo!!

  • Then what?

  • When I was 30 and married -- a coworker 50 and married and I were in the break room -- she liked to kibitz. Fun gal she put white liquid hand soap dripping from her lip as other coworkers arrived. "look what he made me do"
    Everyone laughed. I asked her was that code for I'll give you a blowjob? She goes DUH!. The next day we take break in the machine room and she gives me a blowjob -- not a drop left on her lip. Before the soap thing you'd never guess she ever gave a BJ, even to her husband.

  • Girls are fantastic! They know how to get down and nasty.

  • My wife and I were furniture shopping at this old warehouse store. A freight elevator took us to the 5th floor. We were told any questions just pick the in-house phone. The loud elevator and operator left. We were the only ones on the floor that was as big as 2 basketball courts. We had naked sex on one of the sample beds for over a half hour. This was 40 years ago, pre security cameras everywhere.

  • I fucked my 13 year old niece at a family get together. I spiked her drinks before dinner and waited into the evening and when everyone was distracted. I found her out cold on the lounge in the children's play room. The other kids had already been put to bed. She was in her bikini top and had her bikini pants on under a ruffled short skirt. I just took her pants off and had her. I made sure to unload both times as deep as i could in her, hoping not to much would leak out, put her bikini pants back on left her. When i checked on her in the early hours of the morning i could see some leakage. I took off her pants again and cleaned her with some toilet paper. I washed her pants, padding them as dry as i could and put them back on her. When people got up in the morning she didn't say anything that i knew of and no one else did. It was almost 4 months before my sister told me she was pregnant and she was saying she didn't know how. My sister now looks after our 5 year old daughter and still doesn't know she's mine.

  • There's a lot of stuff on here that turns me on. Most of it does. But raping and impregnating someone isn't one of them at all. I'm glad that it's just your fantasy, not real. But you are sick to want it.

  • Sex should always be consensual, even with relatives

  • I hope you enjoyed your dead fuck.

  • I fucked my 20 year old step daughter.This was after me and her mum divorced.She had always been the flirty/flaunty type all the way through her teens.She still visited me and stayed over alot.We hung out and watched horror films at weekends.One night she asked to sleep in my bed as the film we watched scared the shit out of her,so I said ok.She spooned up to me and I must've got hard cuz she reached behind and felt me.She started stroking me and there were no words between us as we undressed each other in the dark.I got on top off her and she spread her legs and fed my dick into her.Her pussy felt so good as I pumped away at it.Her little moans built up to full on loud ones as she climaxed for me.I pulled out and went over her tummy.We said nothing and fell asleep.In the morning I left her sleeping and went about my day.

  • My stepmom used to drink a lot and do shit she didn't remember. Once I asked her a question about ovulation as I was studying sex ed in school and she said "I'm doing just that" and pulled down her jeans and let me have a touch and taste. I'll never forget that.

  • Good education! Lol

  • Nice, too bad that didn't turn into a bj though

  • My mom, handjobs, blowjobs, fucking. She started maybe too young for most, but idc, i loved it. but i'm not sure i should admit that part

  • If you loved it then that's all that matters.

  • Wish it wasnt taboo though, its the hottest sex there is

  • Incest is natural because people are ether fantasizing about it or physically doing it. It is a suppressed natural urge.

  • Agree! But what age to begin?

  • Probably about 16.

  • I disagree, but that's ok. its between them

  • Glad others think so :-)

  • Wife got drunk and I let out lab mount and fuck her, she came multiple times as he knotted her. After he pulled out I fucked her and came instantly...

  • My wife and her single girlfriend on vacation at a beach resort. These "nice guys" invited them to a beach house party. It's about 5 miles away, her girlfriend drives. Drinking, dancing, having fun -- then she noticed 2 girls giving guys blowjobs -- hardly hiding what they are doing. She's like oh well - to each his own -- things different here -- have fun don't judge. A little later a different girl is giving one. Soon she counted 7 total gave one. Having more drinks. Other than all the BJ's it's great party by the ocean. Then she see her GF giving one _WTF. Then guy she's with says your turn. And she does it. She tells me because her GF comes home (small town) and tells friends how they gave bj's at this rich buys beach house party.

  • Girls are fantastic! I'd loved to have been there, I'd have gotten BJ's from each cute, eager chick.

  • When I was 19 I used to stay over at my boyfriend's house occasionally. I went to make coffee one Sunday morning and his dad was sleeping on the couch in the living room. I woke him up with a blow job.

  • That's definitely how I love to be awakened. Girls seem to love the 'starting-from-scratch thing, sucking on a flaccid penis then it getting stiff then I grab your head and hold you steady while I feed you my cum.

  • About 7 years ago, I was sleeping with a girl from work. Wife and I were fighting. Rachel new I was married and knew we were fighting. She didnt care. One night i had just got done fucking Rachel at her house and the wife texted wanting me to come over. (I was staying at a friends) I got a pizza. We ate it and she started sucking my dick with Rachel's pussy still on it.

  • WOW! VERY HOT! I'll bet she knew. That's why she wanted to do it. Lots of girls want to play the role of cuckquean and watch their hubby or bf fuck her girl friend.

  • My drunk sister in law got a little too frisky while dancing with me and was grinding on me hard. I took her to the bar and we started kissing and then I took her to the car and had sex with her in the backseat.

  • Man I wish my sister inlaw would do me like this everytime she has had drinks and is dancing shaking ass at her bday parties I be wanting her to just grind on me one damn time ..u lucky as fuck

  • I was 18, just graduated high school and my dad’s friend had just retired from the Air Force and needed a place to stay so my parents let him stay with us. He was maybe 40 and my dad’s friend from the AIr Force. My parents went to work everyday and I stayed home with the man. He was nice to me and made me breakfast everyday and we’d chat before I would leave or just stay in my room. One day he asked if I had a boyfriend and that talk turned sexual, and we ended up having sex. Every morning, and some late nights, we would have sex until I moved out at the end of summer for college.

  • How did it start?

  • 30 years ago 18 years old, was driving around drinking beer with my girlfriend and 2 of her girlfriends. The girls started talking about turnons. My girlfriend is Linda; Beth and Judy are the other 2. Went to high school with Beth.
    Judy says she goes nuts just before her boyfriend fucks her he jerks off a little first -- and she tried to get him to jerkoff slowly while she masturbated -- but he won't. I said I would do that for her - and she screams "STOP THE CAR -- DO IT".
    Linda says no way will my BF do that for you. Beth siting behind Linda get her in a playful but firm headlock "HE'S DOING IT -- STOP THE FUCKING CAR"
    Linda caves and we stop at the large Central Park like park we have. It's summer we go to a picnic table. Beth asks me if I could do it naked, Linda rolls her eyes "whatever" . I lay naked on the table and slowly jerkoff - Judy has her jeans down and is clearly masturbating too. When I near the end Linda finish me off with a blowjob. She says she did it to save face, they didn't watch me jerkoff -- they watched her give me a blowjob -- while Judy publicly masturbated. The shame is on her.

  • My daughter's boyfriend and another friend of his used to do yard work for me during the summer. They were cute, and let's just say I let them plant seeds in my garden too.

  • HOT! Damn hot ! I want my wife to have about 6 of them plant seeds in her garden too !

  • Yes! When I was 14 a married woman up the street started coming on to me making suggestive remarks, then hugging and touching then she said she was dying to suck my dick. I thought she was nuts but little by little, I gave in and let her do it. I had the most powerful orgasm in her mouth. I couldn't believe she had done it then SWALLOWED my spunk.

  • Your daughter ever find out? How old?

  • 40 years ago in our pool naked with another couple - we usually had a group sex thing in the shallow end but at least 10 feet apart. No swapping -- just sex with your wife thing. Alcohol was always involved. This one night the other couple just watched while i has nailing my wife from behind. I noticed my buddy was getting a little too close to my bent over wife. His wife says see if she'll suck it -- she all moaning and hot -- take advantage -- you know i'll never suck your dick -- and she loves blowjobs. My wife goes "really Linda big mouth -- you love it up the ass." Linda goes "it's birthday -- suck it." And she does -- because of the booze we last forever -- we slow down and start back up. We spit roast my for an hour -- wasn't even a term yet. Linda gets a float and puts it under my wife so she can perform better. The next morning sober -- I'm like WTF and my wife I gave a him a birthday BJ -- "no big deal and boy did I cum. Can't wait to do that again." But we never do. It was a perfect storm thing. The couple was our bad influence -- away from them the most taboo thing we did was her giving me a bj at drive in movie. We never even did it the pool when they weren't there.

  • Being divorced for two years without having dated at all I was invited to a family wedding which I had to attend alone. So here I am a single 42 yr old woman at a wedding seated next to my recently divorced 47 yr old cousin so of course we pretty much hung out together all night dancing and drinking. Next thing I know the reception is over and he is asking me to come to his hotel room for drinkings. Well drinking lead to kissing and him telling me he hasn't had sex in the five years leading up to his divorce. I stopped him at one point as he was groping my breast and said" this is crazy! we can't have sex we are cousins! " The next thing he did was put my hand down on his lap and I could clearly feel how hard he was, he then whispered " Please take it out '. I don't know why but I ended up unzipping his slacks and pulling his cock out. I started giving him a handjob while he played with my now exposed breasts and was kissing me. It wasn't long before his hand was up under my skirt and I knew where this was going so when he asked me to suck his cock I dutifully just went to my knees and started giving him a blowjob. He came pretty quickly and I honestly was surprised at the amount he came. I was sure it was over but again I was surprised when he said it was my turn and before I had time to think he had my skirt and panties off and his head was between my legs. He was good and had me cumming rather quickly. Honestly now just needed to be fucked and let him know it. I sucked his dick until he was hard then got on my hands and knees and told him to give it to me hard. He did , he fucked me hard and fast , buried his cock in me , holding my hips and told me he was cumming in me . The guilt of just having been fucked by my cousin swept over me almost as soon as he finished cumming in me.

  • Fuck yes.

  • My most taboo moment is after reading post's here. I put drugs in my wife's drink's and let a buddy fuck her when she passed out.

  • I did that but it was a guy from the bar

  • My guilty post is I've been shagging me sister for years, my brother has been shagging me up the arse as well, I have the best of gay and heterosexual, when I said guilty I don't feel any guilt

  • I love sibling sex

  • Parents too

  • Definitely

  • Both. frequent family orgies! younger the better

  • I love the idea of family orgies.. getting the kids involved from young age, how to please eachother and their parents, so hot 🔥

  • And of course for parents to give their children overwhelming pleasure. Mothers should be sucking their sons off until they scream. Mine was so good I fainted when she finished me.

  • Yes I love the idea of kids being shown how to please eachother and their parents sexually... family orgies are so hot 🔥

  • So dumb its illegal, it should be encouraged.

  • My young workmate got married to his lovely fiancee when they were both just 21.We all said well done for bagging such a hot beauty but in truth he was punching way above his weight.We all joked behind his back about fucking her because she was just too cute.But I'm the lucky one who got to some 2 years later.He was away on a job and I bumped into her in a pub,she was with friends but as i knew her she invited me over to join them.As the night went on everyone was having a good time and she was getting tipsy.As everyone left i made sure to get her home safely.But when we got in the house she asked me to stay a bit.We had a few more drinks and i said i better go but at the door she threw her arms round my neck and started kissing me.Im no saint so i full on got it on with her.Squeezing her bum and rubbing her body up and down.Didn't know how far she'd go with it so after 10 minutes of making out near the door i said lets go upstairs,i wanted to take her in their bed.She obeyed and led me upstairs.Once up there we stripped.My GOD.Her body was something else.It was just perfect,almost like an 18 year olds.I immediately dominated her.Making her suck me off while i rubbed her pussy.She was soon wet so i went down her beautiful shaven pussy.She moaned as my tongue brought her to orgasm.Then i climbed between her legs and fucked her.It was like being in heaven.She felt like pure silk that was made slippery with lather.She was so easy to pleasure and i paced myself to get her off 2 more times before i jizzed all the way in her lovely little pussy.She actually thanked me for a good fuck.I stayed most of the night as she fell asleep in my arms.Then left early morning.

  • WOW! What a babe!

  • Yes she was a total babe.No man could say no to her.

  • My sister is two years older than I am and one day she asked me if I wanted to see her naked, I told her that not only did I want to see her but I also wanted to touch her. I was running my fingers all over her boobs and had worked my way down to her pubic hair, after several minutes of looking and touching her I just slid myself forward and started licking her. I had no clue what to do and she guided me thru the whole first time, when she let out this long moaning orgasm I could feel her pulsating against my face and came in my underwear. I could feel her wetness all over my chin, nose and mouth, I was so damn excited.
    she was laying there telling me that for my first time I did a great job, we had sex everyday for like the next three weeks. We did it every now and then and sometimes we would get back into it and do it a lot. We kept this up into our twenties until she ended up getting a really serious boyfriend and married him.

  • This happened with my sister as well. Loved it!

  • When I was a young 2nd Lt. in the Army we had this big dinner at the officers club. Wives and girlfriends invited. I started flirting with the Lt. Col. wife while he was bull shitting with the guys. After several drinks I took his wife to a mop closet and fucked her. While I was banging her one or the kitchen help came to the closet looking for a mop and bucket. I found out quick if you give the guy a $50 tip he becomes blind LOL. After we finished up we went back to the dinner and the Lt. Col was still bull shitting. With all due respect I had a better story to tell but my lips are sealed.

  • This happened many years ago when I was in my early twenties. I was plain looking in school but that all changed as I entered my early twenties. I started dating this guy we moved in together. He hung with pretty good looking friends. One day one of them talked me into sleeping with him. After I got away with the cheating i gained confidence and ended up doing all his friends (not at the same time) over a period of two years. He caught me with his brother and broke up with me.

  • Girls who love being girls!

  • I lost my virginity two weeks before my marriage and it wasn't my fiance either.

  • 50 years ago I met this girl at a mini Woodstock like thing we had in this large park there every Sunday. Thousands of kids would mostly drink beer, play music, play football. We have sex in the car. We make a date for Mon -- movie and sex - Tues, just sex till 4 AM. Wed I go to pick her up and her mom scolds me "4 in the morning! sex all night! -- She's getting married Saturday." And slams the door. I had no clue -- Guess I was her final fling. Boy did I love fucking her -- she was on birth control, now I knew why - she was my first bare back that I shot my load in.

  • Was it your dad?

  • After being out at a bar one night I met an older couple who invited me back to their motel room. Things heated up pretty quick and soon the three of us were nude on the bed. I'm 69ing with the guys wife and start feeling two tongues on my cock. At first I thought I was imagining things when she kind of pushes her self up and I still feel a mouth on my cock then hear her say "mmm that's it baby , suck his cock." He continued sucking me until she got off and then wanted to ride my cock. She kept asking how I liked having her husband sucking me. Honestly I was a little freaked out but she was hot so it was worth it. After we fucked she just passed out and there was this weird awkward silence between me and her husband when he asks "did you real enjoy me blowing you?"I told him yeah it was definitely different. He then asked if he could suck my dick again .He had my get out of bed go sit in the chair and he came over got on his knees and told me "now you can watch me sucking your cock."This guy sucked on me for literally half an hour before he let me cum. He kept bringing me right to the verge then would stop for a few second and start up again. It was one of the all time best blowjobs I have ever had.

  • In college I met this married couple that wanted to swing. He just wanted to watch while I fucked his very eager wife. Later, I had him lick his wife's slick lube off my very hard dick. She said, "I guess you're really enjoying cuckolding him . .HUH? I did enjoy it and later I sat on his face and had him lick my anus while she sucked me dry. Those, were the most powerful orgasm's I've EVER had, with him underneath me licking and her in front sucking.

  • This is probably boring and common.But I cheated on my husband several times to get ahead in my career.It started when I was 26 and deciding on going back to work 6 months after having a baby.I was worried I wouldn't get my position back but seeing as I knew my boss very well we managed to "come" to an agreement quite easily.My husband was out and he visited me to talk about me returning.Think he enjoyed watching me breastfeeding as he was telling me my younger replacement was doing well.After much talk and flirting quite frankly,I jokingly asked "what have I gotta do blow you?To which he replied "well I've always found you hot,so go on babe." Silly me thought it would only take one blow job to secure my job to support my family.

  • My wife told me she was gonna sleep with her boss to get a raise. She still fucks him on occasion 4 years later

  • Once I realised the power my pussy had I used it to my advantage.Now that's using what god gave you.

  • Even though I knew it was wrong, I still fucked my stepmother who is an alien.

  • Does she have a tongue in her pussy?

  • Got pegged by two different women and I want to do it again

  • My best friend's husband fucked me in the ass while she was sleeping in the next room.

  • Hot

  • Love it

  • I've been having sex with my hot older sister for years, but hadn't shared her until the weekend we moved a friend's kid to college. It was a baking, 90-degree day and we were sweating like crazy moving the girl in, prompting my hot older sister to tie her tank top in knot, showing off her amazing, tight body and bulging tits. She'd already worn short jeans shorts, and was getting looks and comments from male students, dads, and residence hall staff. Guys were all over her.

    The girl needed a different bed, which were at the far end of the hallway in a suite used for storage. I went to the suite with her, and she kept saying, I'm not hauling a bed and frame down this hallway, you gotta get some help. We get to the room and find another guy looking for the same thing, then, hitting on and closing in on her. He seemed ok, like an average-looking guy next door, so I made him a little deal out in the hallway. Help with the heavy, steel-framed bed and mattress, and I'll tell her to give it up for you. I'll even guard the door while you have at her. I explained it to my hot sister, and, in her exhaustion or just wanting the damn bed moved, she agreed, saying he'd probably be fast, and having all these guys all over her today got her revved up.

    We did as planned, the student guy fucked her in the room while I paced the hallway, and she was correct..I wasn't out there any more than 15 minutes before the door opened again. She did look tired-out and had a smile on her face, the guy did help haul, and, fasten together, the bed, and we thought that was it. We were wrong.

    The girl had more stuff in an unused office building off campus, for storage. I did the same there. Told the supervisor guy if he helped us move this crap, she's his. This time, I didn't even ask her. I told her. This is what's going to happen. So, in one afternoon, I had her used twice.

  • We visited our daughter in college one weekend. My wife brought one of our daughter’s sorority sisters to our hotel one night for some late night fun. This girl had always been flirty with my wife. My wife had asked our daughter about her, our daughter said her friend was bi... daughter didn’t know her Mom is too!

  • Not missing an opportunity.

  • Mine would be, when i went home with a guy, thought it was just going to be a typical one night stand, woke up in the morning and had breakfast when his older “flat mate” started chatting me up and flirting. i gave in halfway through breakfast and started making out with him. my original walks in and it turned out he wasn't a flat mate but his dad. as bad as it was i ended up enjoying most of the day in this flat with father and son. it was a very taboo experience having both generations inside me at the same time but very enjoyable

  • Both in same hole? close family

  • No no, that would be a tight fit. there was a layer of skin between them. one in each. bum and fanny.

  • So a father son dp?

  • Yes several times that day

  • I was chief bridesmaid at my friends wedding, the groom tried doing a runner and i was left to calm him down for an hour in the hotel room before the car turned up. needless to say im ashamed to admit i ended up on the floor with him relieving himself with my mouth. he was very calm after that. its been 7 years now and nothing has ever been said

  • Would you do it again?

  • I honestly couldn't say. it was a surreal experience watching him at the alter an hour or so later

  • When I was 12 I had gay sex with my aunt's neighbors. I was the one who flirted with them till I slept with them.

  • I was standing up in a buddies wedding. My wife and I and a few other of his friends crashed at their place for a few days before the wedding being as we all lived in different parts of the country. The morning before the wedding everyone left to get breakfast I stayed behind. I thought I was alone but when I heard something in the master bedroom i went to investigate. His fiance was there she thought she was alone too. She was enjoying herself with her toy. I watched a few minutes until she noticed me. As our eyes made contact we just kept looking at each other as I slowly approached the bed. She didn't say anything so I bent down and kissed her she returned the kiss. I went down on her for a few minutes and she was already real wet. So I got out of my jeans and climbed in top of and and We went at it like rabbits. We ended up doing it twice that day and once the next morning before the wedding. Dam she was good.

  • Cheated on my boyfriend with his father over 6months but ended it after boyfriend proposed, just felt too guilty

  • I cannot help fingering myself after watching my 24 year old boyfriend get punished by his mom! Every time I here he has been grounded or given lines or even better when I watch him get spanked I have to go and touch my wet pussy !

  • I caught my wife in bed with her father, so I walked into their bedroom, and fucked the living shit out of my wifes mom.

  • That’s fucking hot. I’d love to see my wife fuck her dad. She’s hot and he’s a handsome silver fox. I’d lick his cum from her pussy.

  • Screw three of my boyfriends friends in the living room while boyfriend passed out drunk upstairs

  • That’s hot

  • Sex with my sister is my most taboo experience.

  • In my 40's I was an alcoholic and had a teen son who was clingy. I used to drink hard liquor and tan on the deck. I looked good then. I let him finger me until I got off when he was just supposed to apply tanning lotion to my back, legs, and inner thighs. I was drunk.

  • When I was a young teen I would dress up in my mother’s lingerie and walk around the house. Panties, bra, stockings and garter belt. Eventually I found my parents homemade porn pics and VHS tapes and would masturbate for hours to them.

  • I secretly shared nudes of my petite wife online for hundreds of men to see, including her face and real first name. The thought of everyone seeing her sucking cock with joy in her eyes drives me crazy. I want her to be every man's free to use fuckdoll. Every day I fantasize about her family and coworkers finding the pictures and seeing what a good little whore she is.

  • Well? Where's the pics? I'd like to fantasize about her too. I'd have her deep throating me in a heartbeat. Women like being made to do that.

  • Are you still actively sharing her pics?

  • Yeah. I'm not planning to stop any time soon. Not until people start recognizing her.

  • Me too arlundfletcher6@gmail.com love to see please

  • Duffysnow@aol.com please.

  • Can you share? x-river@mail.com

  • She’s on Vivid right? Does MILF videos now

  • I fucked my coworker in the backseat of my car before work one morning.

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