Mom and son

I sex with my Mom and she is pregnant with my baby we just found out that we having a boy

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  • I stuffed my mom's Thanksgiving Turkey this year, then later that night I stuffed her pussy. It was after everyone had left, and my dad was passed out drunk downstairs. My mom's on birth control, so I had no worry about getting her pregnant as I quietly crept into her bedroom. I ate her pussy until she had an orgasm, then I fucked her until she came again. I also came hard shooting my load deep in her pussy.


  • Stop screaming you asshole with the mind of a child.

  • Maybe, but it is a common fantasy. I'd love to f*ck my mom or sister.

  • I had sex with my mom when she was pregnant. We new that you can't get someone pregnant, who's already pregnant. She was surprisingly tight, so my stepdad must have a small dick. We fucked dozens of times during her pregnancy. Now my mom's on birth control so we can fuck without worry.

  • Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Good for you!

  • I doubt it's your baby. I been fucking your mom too, and I've pumped gallons of baby batter up her vag.

  • Lmao

  • Thank you. I just feel people need to stop pretending it doesn't happen and its wrong. It does happen and we need to make sure that we show people support and advice for preventing pregnancy. I've made love to two members of my family and I see nothing wrong with this. As a society we need to be more open minded and accept our differences.

  • This should go for age too. Parents should be exempt from age of consent laws and able to introduce their kids to orgasms when they want. I loved all the handjobs and then blowjobs and intercourse, and the younger the better IMO. KY warming lube is a MUST use. Mothers should do their best to be their first ejaculation as well.

  • Yes, i agree. I was lucky that my mom had a hysterectomy and could not get pregnant. We had sex a few times a week when i was 18-21, and she was 38-41. When i was younger, we would just watch tv together and not talk much. Having sex brought us closer together and we ended up talking much more and just having a much better relationship, even many years later.

  • Really glad you and your mom enjoy each other. It great for increasing the bond between a mother and son.

  • Sexual relations between a mother and son are quite often NOT about having children, it's about two people attracted to each other sexually, that want to have sex.

  • Very true and it's about love and affection between a mother and son.

  • Total crap

  • There are mothers and sons who have sex. I used to have sex with my mum and loved it. But I think people should use birth control when sleeping with a family member.

  • Did you have a baby with your Mom

  • No I didn't, we always used birth control and it was just about sex.

  • Did she give you your first orgasm? mothers should definitely try to always be that, even if its just a handjob, which are so underrated anyway.

  • Yes she did through oral sex. She was my first for everything.

  • Mother's duty!

  • No mother's love

  • Of course that is the impetus but showing that love in the most intimate ways is a duty

  • Ok, we are on the same page then. Lol

  • You must fuck her good for long time. Shoot seed deep into pussy for baby. She no get pregnant now if I fuck her.

  • Congratulations!!

  • Thanks

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