A love

I think with all the photos posted that you are most beautiful i have seen for a long time.
I see one here of a beautiful smile, one with very nice soft smooth skin and very wonderful eyes that reflect your smile to greatness.
I also see as I love long nails on males that your nails are of ones that would grow quite nicely and then have them very shiny of clear nail polish. I know you could grow them quite long and how wonderful if I were ever to feel them on my body.

I saved your photo and made it a better quality and I look at you a fair amount.
I would want to have you close and teach all about life wrong all I have learned. I would share you love for all its meaning and to hold you close in every aspect of affection, yes a lot of affection.
I find you so very beautiful, the whole of you.
I want to have your love, to feel you, feeling your skin so sweet scent of you with your long shiny nails as they slow with many thoughts stroke me gently as of a magic touch that would melt me into you.
I would want to love . I want to love you as much is all about.. My feelings of every emotion is for you, I would to even make love with you. My heart is yearning for you because I love you.

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  • Sweetie, I am she-male and have beautiful long manicured nails which would rake along your body gently as we make love. I would love to feel you caressing me in my lingerie, feeling the urgency of my erection, kissing my lovely 38B breasts with their pouting nipples, feeling your nervous fingers exploring my anus. We could be right for each other.
    Signed Jasmine.

  • I love you Jasmine! Any photos? Do you ever come to Honolulu?

  • I would love to be with a she male. I think they are so hot.

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