I'm looking to chat with other cross dressers.

I love to shave my legs nice and close apply moisturizer do my nails makeup put on a wig do my lips and slowly carefully slip on a pair of expensive shiny pantyhose. Then some high heels. I look very feminine and get excited. How do you like to dress?

3 months ago

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    • To my last admirer, below is the account of how I became femininized and a loving transvestite.
      Silky Sarah xx

    • Hello my darling, I would love to chat to you about our interest in cross-dressing. My name is Silky Sarah and I'm a lover of feminine clothing particularly the silky flirty floaty style. I'm mature, slightly built and have been a transvestite since I was in my early teens when I was seduced by an elderly widower who was our music master whilst at boarding school. He would have me for tea at his house in the school grounds wearing girly undies together with short flouncy skirts and silky blouses!!
      I adored him and he was very naughty with me giving me regular affectionate private tuition. He would have me sitting on the piano stool with a short skirt with a flouncy petticoat and his hand slowly working it's way up my legs until he reached my knickers when I could feel his fingers trembling as he caressed my erection!!
      I was fifteen when we finally had full sex and he took me one evening in his bed and by then I was his willing and eager lover for over three years.
      Silky Sarah XX

    • This is Silky Sarah again; I still get an erection when I write about what Edward and I got up to, he was so sexy and always ready for it. I had tuition twice weekly with tea afterwards and I was always dressed as a girl. I had a wardrobe full of silky short dresses and drawers with a selection of knickers and a few bras. He also bought me sandals with little wedge heels as he liked to see my pert bottom when I walked in them.
      I adored his penis, it seemed to always be erect and I could easily arouse it by kissing him while I fondled it.
      Edward always wore his dressing gown and was naked under it, he was so naughty, but very loving. I have always been surprised that we were never caught, we did everything except full sexual intercourse. He would gel his fingers and massage my anus until I was screaming with pleasure!! I wanted him to fuck me so much but he said we had to wait until I was really ready for him and I accepted that.
      It was just before my sixteenth birthday, he had bought me a new white silky pleated short dress and a full flouncy petticoat with matching silk knickers.
      We were laying on his bed kissing, cuddling and caressing and both really aroused and I had his penis tucked under the gusset of my knickers and I whispered "I want you in me, Oh! please" and he pulled my knickers off, laid me on my back, got between my thighs, and lifted my legs.
      His dressing gown slipped off and he threw it on the floor and lifted my bottom up and put his lips and tongue to my anus, it was bliss!!!! I felt more aroused than ever, I was thrusting my hips up to meet his face, then he lowered me and I watched as my naked lovely Edward thrust into my bottom.
      It hurt a little as he was so big but he had worked my anus for a long time with his fingers and I was ready. I was truly his, my legs wrapped around him, we were shoving against each other and then he leaned right over me kissing me as he pumped his love-juice into me, so lovely and naughty.
      Silky Sarah XX

    • It's Silky Sarah once again, I can't help telling you all about Edward my music teacher and me!!
      I was raised by an wealthy aunt who sent me to the boarding school where I met Edward and so she was not surprised when I told her I was staying with a friend during the summer holidays. My friend was Edward and on the day of leaving for my holiday I went to Edwards house in a nearby village about three miles from school.
      We were both so excited, he greeted me at the door of his lovely cottage with kisses and hugs. I rushed up to the spare bedroom where we kept my Sarah clothes and I changed into my silkies. I was so aroused, the thoughts of sleeping with Edward were electrifying.
      I went downstairs and minced into the kitchen where I found him making lunch, "you look gorgeous Sarah, my sexy girly" he said as I approached him. He took me in his arms and held me so close I could feel his erect penis in his trousers. I unzipped them and pulled his lovely member from his underpants and lifted my skirt to clench it between my thighs and under my silky knickers.
      We kissed passionately, Edward thrusting his hardness against my knickers, "you are my darling and beautiful girl Sarah" he said breathlessly, "lets go to bed before lunch I want to fuck you".
      So we went up the stairs with Edward patting my bottom with each step and into his bedroom. He stripped naked and I marvelled at his erection as he came towards me. He took me in my knickers, pulling the gusset over and feeding his jerking member in. I was so aroused my bottom took all his manhood and I felt his testicles against my skin hairy and hot, "give me your babies darling" I shouted as he thrusted up me laying between on top of me between my thighs with me legs tightly held around his hips until at last he pumped his babies into me. He was a huge spunker and his cum pumped out with such force that I could feel it hitting the inside of my bottom.
      Silky Sarah xx

    • More of naughty Silky Sarah;
      That night he took me again. Edward had dressed me in a lovely blue nylon shorty baby-doll nightie with matching knickers and we were snuggled up with me laying in his arms with my back against his naked body. I could feel his penis stiffen and his hand went round to caress me, I was already erect then his hand went back and tugged at my knickers and he prised my bottom cheeks apart and pushed his penis into me. Oh! the sensation when I felt his hand return to my own penis as he caressed it and fucked me at the same time, "slowly, slowly" I pleaded, "I want you to last darling, eewwy! I love it, I love it you are so gorgeous darling". I could feel all of that erect shaft as it thrusted in and out of my willing bottom and I felt so aroused.
      I don't know how many times he made me cum in my knickers, it was a lot by the time he couldn't hold on any longer and he thrust in and I felt his penis stiffen and pulsate as he spunked his babies into me.
      We did that a lot and more during my stay with Edward, I was dressed full time and when we met neighbours or acquaintances, I was his niece Sarah from London.
      Edward was so naughty and so sexy!! I remember one occasion we went for a picnic and he wanted me dressed in "Sunday Best" as he called it. White silk flouncy dress with matching soft silky tiered petticoat, white silk knickers, bobby socks and white sandals. As we drove to his chosen location he was caressing my leg, "your lovely dress feels so silky Sarah, do you like it?" I love it Edward and my petti' and knickers make me feel sexy.
      We got to our picnic spot and I carried the rug while Edward carried the hamper. It was a very remote location and in a wood we arrived at a grassy clearing. I laid out the rug and when I sat down I was almost hidden by the long grass. Edward put the hamper down and sat close beside me. I could smell his aftershave lotion, it was intoxicating, I felt heady as he said, "You are so beautiful Sarah".

    • Even more from naughty Silky Sarah;
      The sun was shining, the birds were twittering, I felt I was in paradise. I was laying back the sun was in my eyes when I felt his lips on mine and we kissed or rather snogged, our tongues twisting around and I felt his hand go under my dress and petti', then his fingers were in my knickers. "You really are a randy young lady he whispered" as I unzipped his trousers, "I love you" I said as I probed inside his underpants, "and you are my lover Edward and I adore how you treat me and make love to me", I whispered as I fondled his erection.
      I pushed his trousers and pants down, "fuck me now my darling" I pleaded, as he pulled me close lifting my dress and petti' and pulling my knickers over. He lifted my legs up, I could feel the hot head of his erect penis against my anus, I was so excited as I submitted to his thrusts and then he was inside me and we were pushing against each other in a frenzy of love making.
      I didn't care that we were in the open, in fact it heightened the thrill that we might be being watched. Edward fucked me for longer than he had before, whispering sweet nothings into my ear and I moaned with pleasure, gasping with each of his thrusts, "Oh! fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" I moaned, "I love it so much darling, I want your penis inside me for ever, I love it, love it" and at last he came, huge spurts of spunk and love juice cascaded into my bottom. Edward laid back and I kissed and sucked his penis and swallowing the remains of his delicious salty spunk.
      I pulled his pants and trousers up as he lay on his back and kissed him and whispered "you are a naughty man Edward, I adore you and you can have me again when we get home"!!
      Silky Sarah XX

    • We ate our picnic lunch and enjoyed a bottle of beer each, it was a hot day and the alcohol went straight to my head or rather my loins as sitting there in that woodland glade dressed in the most wonderful white virginal silky clothes being wanted by my horny Edward was making me feel very sexy.
      I moved closer to him and drew his face to mine and we kissed OMG! he was a great kisser I unzipped his trousers again "take me again darling I can't wait 'till we get home" I whispered and he took his shoes, trousers and underpants off, Oh! he was so erect again the naughty man as I got on my knees with naughty Edward behind me and he pulled my wet knicker gusset aside and thrust inside me again. "My sexy randy little girl" he kept saying as he fucked me. "More, more, I love it, I love you darling", I moaned as I felt his huge member thrusting inside me.
      I don't know what made me look up but I did and saw an old man standing at the edge of the woods and he had his penis in his hand and was watching us and masturbating. I found this exciting not frightening as I urged Edward onward and upward with my dress and petti' lifted above my hips and my Edward fucking me hard it was pure exhibitionism on my part and I didn't care.
      I thrusted backwards into Edward as he pushed his penis up me and we really got a rhythm between us, he was right up my bottom I could feel his hairs on my anus and I watched the old man cum, wipe his trousers and retreat, the naughty old voyeur but I'm sure he enjoyed it.
      Edward must have lasted at least twenty minutes before he released his silky seed into me and pulled out and fell back exhausted. I caressed his thick rather slimy penis and wiped my hand on my knickers as I lay beside him.
      What a lovely picnic!!
      Silky Sarah XX

    • During that summer holiday Edward and I made love at least five times every week and during all that summer I was becoming more and more feminine as I was dressed every day in girls clothes which were becoming more lady-like with every trip to the lingerie store in Bristol. It was the summer of 1984 my sixteenth year, I had grown my hair long during that summer and looked more like a young lady than ever and I was not looking forward to returning to school. I had become accustomed to living as a girl with Edward and the sex was amazing, but return I must and could look forward to my "private" piano tuition two or sometimes three times weekly.
      My aunt got married again in 1985 and we agreed that I would live with my friend Edward and with a lot of in trepidation I introduced him to them. I am sure they were rather shocked that he was in his late sixties but they were so wrapped up in their new life that they accepted I wanted to be a musician and live near my school in the country rather than London. Of course Edward and I were thrilled and we rushed back to Somerset and our home.
      Edward was officially made my guardian which was acceptable to the school and my aunt sent her formal legal letter of approval to the principal, a great relief to Edward and me. I could be his girly every night now as I elected to live there instead of boarding, lucky me.
      Edward was even more loving and attentive now. I had my own room in case we had any visitors and a change of clothes from female to male was always on hand, just in case. But each night we slept together, made love, kissed and cuddled with me in more and more floaty flirty silky nighties and sexy nylon knickers. We were so naughty together but so loving that I felt really feminine and loved. I had developed a huge sexual appetite and wanted to be fucked all the time or as many times as Edward could oblige, and he did!!
      Silky Sarah XX

    • Even more from Silky Sarah;
      At Christmas Edward treated me to stockings and suspenders and shoes with heels, Oh! my!! how different, so silky and the heels made my bottom pert and Edward loved to watch me mince around in just stockings, suspenders, silk French knickers and a bra and it normally ended up with a good fuck on the settee, the naughty lovely!! I just loved him having me anytime and anywhere.
      I remember one day we had just finished shopping, loaded the car and got in to drive away. I had been teasing him in the supermarket in my flouncy skirt, kneeling down in front of him pretending to get things off the lower shelves but at the same time showing my knickers and stocking tops and he told me that when we get outside he would give me a good seeing to.
      He started the car and drove to the far side of the car park and parked. "Put you seat right back Sarah" he commanded as he took his trousers and underpants down. "Oh! Edward you're not going to do me here are you, you sexy man" and I lowered my seat flat pushing it right back. No sooner than I'd done that he was on top of me lifting my skirt and petti' and pulling my knickers over and my legs were up in the air and he was inside me thrusting that huge erect penis up my bottom. He ejaculated within minutes flooding me with sperm, "there you naught girl see what you get for teasing me, a naughty quickie darling" he said as he say back in the driving seat and pulled his pants up.
      I lay there with his spunk dribbling down my legs, but I wasn't sated, "you wait Edward until we get home I will want a good fucking again!!"
      Silky Sarah XX

    • We got home and I was just reaching into the fridge as we unpacked the shopping and I felt Edwards hand go up my dress, I backed into him and I could feel his erect penis pushing against my knickers. "You are naughty darling" I said, do you want to fuck me now you sexy darling?" We staggered over to the kitchen table, he pulled my knickers over and my bottom cheeks apart and thrust his hot erection up me. "You adorable little girl in your silky naughties, I love you, I love you" he said as he thrust into my spunky bottom with his penis going right in and up to his testicles, thrust upon thrust as he gripped my hips.
      He withdrew his throbbing penis and taking me by the hand, Edward led me to the bedroom where he stripped naked and I took off my dress and petti' and stood there in my stockings, suspenders, knickers and bra. Then we got into bed and he said "Sarah I adore looking at your face as we make love" as he got hold of my knickers and lifting my legs, pulled them away from my own leaking penis as I was so sexually aroused I was nearly ejaculating.
      He hot penis was pushing into my anus, "Oh!! take me Edward darling, fuck me, fuck me, give me you babies, oh!, Oh! OOOH!!!" and as he entered me I spunked and spunked again, "you sexy girly Sarah it's all over my tummy" he whispered as he lowered himself onto and in me. We kissed or, as he fucked me, rather snogged our tongues twisting around each others.
      I felt his penis swelling, I knew he was about to ejaculate, so I gripped him with my legs around his waist and pulling myself up to meet his thrusts, felt him release his seed into my bottom as we slobbered with our passionate kissing.
      I kept him inside me as I rolled him over and kneeling each side of his hips with his penis in me, I fucked him, feeling his glorious penis stiffen I gripped it with my bottom cheeks and masturbated myself over Edward's body and gently laid on him sated!!
      Silky Sarah xx

    • Well, that's all for this posting my lovelies, I hope your liked my reminiscences. All of it happened many years ago and made me into the mature gay transvestite bottom that I am today.
      On the 16th of this month I will be 63, I still have a glamorous look, but my hair is grey. I am still trim and fit and love wearing my silky lingerie and outer clothes, particularly my chiffon floaty flirty dresses.
      Silky Sarah xx

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