Caught on halloween

I have been a crossdresser all of my life. My wife knows but does not like it. This past Halloween my wife's company threw a costume party at a local bar. My wife told me I was going as a woman, thinking that being out in public dressed would embarrass me into not dressing up again. My wife brought over her girl friend who works at a beauty salon to get me ready, my wife said I was getting the works. I shaved my entire body from its hair, then my wife's friend, sue, put long, acrylic nails on my hands then polished them & my toe nails a bright red, three coats with a top coat of super shine. Sue then glued a pair of false breasts to my chest & had me put on a pair of blue silk panties & matching bra. Next came a waist cincher & a pair of suntan pantyhose, Sue then helped me into a blue, velvet, long sleeve mini dress & she zipped up the back of my dress. Sue led me to a makeup table where she started putting in hair extensions. When all of the extensions were in, Sue put my hair up in a bun then started on my makeup. Sue had me close my eyes & tilt my face up towards hers, all of a sudden I began to feel pain above my eyes, Sue explained that she was plucking my eyebrows, she said she wanted them super thin with a high feminine arch in them. After three hours my makeup was done, I was not allowed to see myself until I was completely finished. I was given four inch, blue, open toed high heels to wear along with a matching blue clutch filled with my makeup, perfume, nail polish & house keys to carry. The finishing touch's were silver bangle bracelets on my right wrist, a black watch on my left, a silver chocker necklace that came down to the cleavage of my breasts & silver oversized hoop earrings that Sue placed in my freshly pierced ears. When I saw myself in the mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a beautiful woman looking back at me, when Sue asked me if I liked my new look, I looked her in the eyes & said I love it, even my wife was surprised at how pretty I was. When we got to the party, Sue couldn't stop telling everyone that I was actually a guy & not a real woman. As the night progressed I had a lot of men asking me to dance but this one man named Cliff spent the entire night by my side. Cliff asked me to dance a slow dance with him, I put my arms around his neck he put his around my waist, the whole dance cliff kept whispering in my ear telling me how pretty I was, how good I smelled & how beautiful my legs were, as the song was coming to an end, Cliff whispered in my ear, would you mind if I kissed you, before I could even answer Cliff's lips were pressed onto mine. My head began to spin, I remember thinking I like being kissed by a man, this feels so right to be doing this, now I feel Cliff's tongue pressing against my lips, I part my lips taking cliff's tongue into my mouth. I couldn't control the feelings coming over my body at this time, I felt like a real woman, it felt normal for me to be kissing a man, I didn't care that we were in the middle of the dance floor & all of my wife's friends & co workers were watching me kissing another man, I wanted more, I wanted Cliff to make love to me. The song ended & Cliff took me by the hand & led me to a backroom that was empty, we walked over to the sofa & sat down, I automatically crossed my legs like a lady. Cliff put his arm around me & pulled my face to his, I did not resist as he kissed me hard on the lips. I took his tongue in my mouth & enjoyed the feeling, Cliff then put his hand on my pantyhose covered knee & began slidding his hand under my dress. I loved this feeling, I felt like the woman I have always wanted to be, I couldn't control myself, I needed to be a woman, I placed my hand on Cliff's crotch & began rubbing it. I kissed Cliff harder & could feel him becoming erect, I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants & pulled down his zipper, I slid my hand into his shorts & took his cock in my hand & began to give him a hand job. Cliff stopped kissing me & slid his pants & shorts down to his ankles, he then slid back into the sofa placing his hands atop of my head gently pushing my head down toward his crotch. I uncrossed my legs & slowly slid to my knees, placing myself between Cliff's legs. I took Cliff's cock in my hand & lowered myself to where I could lick the tip then slowly licking the entire length. I worked my way back to the tip of his cock then, while locking my eyes with his, I took his whole cock into my mouth & down my throat. I was in heaven, seeing my red nails at the base of his cock, feeling my earrings swinging back & forth as I went up & down on his dick, feeling his cock deep inside my throat, I was supposed to be a girl, this feels too right, too natural, too good, I need to become a woman. I work Cliff's dick in & out of my mouth longing for him to shoot his creamy load down my throat, I feel his pre cum on my tongue & I start to suck harder. Cliff must be getting close to cumming, he grabs my head & starts guiding my head down on his dick harder & harder. All of a sudden I hear Sue's voice saying, he's in here, then the lights in the room come on. I tried to turn my head to see who's there but Cliff was not letting go of my head, he starts cumming in my mouth, forcing my head down so that I am taking all seven inches of his cock in my mouth while he is filling my mouth & throat with his cum. I hear my wife say, your a goddam faggot, I couldn't say anything, my mouth was full, finally cliff released my head, I lifted off of his cock & swallowed the cum that I had in my mouth. My wife said, I cant believe I married a queer, I turned my head to look at my wife & said that I was not a queer, the look on my wife's face & her friend Sue's was complete shock, I repeated myself to my wife, I am not a queer, my wife said the hell your not, look at yourself, your dressed completely as a woman, your eyebrows are thinner & have more of an arch then most real women have, you have both of your ears pierced & your wearing earrings, you have long acrylic nails that are painted bright red along with your toe nails that wont come off for at least three weeks & you have hair extensions in & you have a feminine hairstyle not to mention we just saw you sucking a mans cock & having him cum in your mouth, your a queer. My wife then told me, you made an ass out of me in front of my friends & co workers, now they all know I married a guy who wants to be a girl & be with men & you cant say it is not true, then Sue asked me, do you really want to be a woman ? Do you want to take hormones so you could grow real breasts ? Do you want to live as a woman ? I didn't answer, I just sat there looking at the floor, well, answer her, my wife said, To be perfectly honest with you, I said, yes, my whole life I have wanted to be a woman, I would give anything to be able to take female hormones & live as a woman, I would love to be married to a man who loves me, I just adore having sex with men, there, are you happy now, I asked. My wife said she would be filing for divorce on Monday & she will be bringing her mom & aunt over to help her get her things & this way they can see for their self the sissy who likes men.


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  • A. You're full of crap.
    B. You always tell stories involving Sue.
    C. You said Sue like 13 times, you oddbod

  • What you should do is move in with Sue. She sounds much more caring and open than your wife.

  • Of the man she just gave a bow job to... He appreciates her too.

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