Caught with breast pump

My husband had a couple of friends over to watch football. They were downstairs in his man cave and I was making dinner for them upstairs in the kitchen. Our 5 month-old daughter was asleep in her crib. I wasn't going to wake her to feed her, so I used a breast pump so she would have milk later.

My husband's friend Greg caught me while I was pumping my breasts in the kitchen. He had come up to get some beers. My shirt was open, but I pulled my bra back up. But he saw my goods. He apologized for walking in on me, but I said, "Don't, you didn't know." I apologized to him too. He doesn't have kids yet and said he had never seen a woman lactate before. We talked about it and he said that he was curious about how the milk tasted.

I knew immediately that he was asking to suck my tits. It was beyond a subtle hint. WTF? I've always liked him, though, so I pulled down my bra and let him have a little drink. He sucked me for a couple of minutes until my nipples were rock hard 1" cones. They only get that hard when I'm really turned on. I told him to stop it because I was getting turned on and he did. He grabbed his beers and went back downstairs to the guys.

I've never cheated, I'm not sure if this was cheating, but my husband's friend sucked my tits. It felt great. After he left, I got myself off with my dildo and I thought about Greg the whole time. I feel ashamed, really.

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  • You gonna let him do it again?

  • You really wanted him to suck your nipples, you basically offered them to him. Then you got yourself off thinking of Greg the entire time. You just need to start pretending it's Greg fucking you when it's your husband.

  • You should definitely call him over to fuck while sucking.

  • That’s hot. Call him to come over and feed him more.

  • You should feel really ashamed. No excuse for not letting Greg tap your fine ass, after letting him suckle your lactating breasts.

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