It took 22 years

I moved into my first house when I was 24. I was engaged and had the life. My neighbour had two daughters in their teens. I got to know them chit chat neighbourly stuff. I was a handy guy and always lent a hand. Tami the older of the two became quite friendly and flirty with me, we would tease each other and my wife to be hated it and was a little jealous. 10 years later Tami and her loser husband bought the house from her parents. She asked me if I would build a studio in their garage to set up a hair salon. I started the job and had free reign of the house. In their bathroom in the basement I found a worn thong on the floor outside the shower. I took it and kept it. Later I explored her very sexy panty drawer. I finished the job and kept that one thong. years later they moved out of the city to a little town. My wife and I were at an afternoon bbq just around the corner from where they lived so I suggested we stop in and say hello on our way home. Tami's house was in a bit of a disarray with lots of reno jobs only half done. I asked where Andy was , her husband and Tami said "not here". I sensed something was up so I texted Tami to find out more. Andy and her split up. I arranged to go for lunch with her later that week. She showed up to lunch dressed to kill. Her tits were prominently displayed for my enjoyment. We arranged for her to come over the next week and we fucked our brains out. I confessed that I had lusted for her for 22 years and she confessed that when I was working in her garage she was in her bedroom masterbating hoping that I would come up and join her. I also confessed that I took her thong. She replied that it was left intentionally for me to see. We had great sex for awhile and she let me keep her panties she wore over. It was all good until the wife found out.

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  • Mmmm. Lick her butthole.

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