Alone time

So I was out getting groceries. Wife was out with a friend. I got home, put away the groceries and headed back to the bedroom to shower and get ready to meet the wife. My bedroom is at the end of the hall and I pass my step daughters room on the way to mine. Her door was open and she was moaning. I walked by and she was on her bed completely naked and masturbating with a vibrator in one hand and her phone with porn going.

I've never looked at her sexually before. She does have a very nice body. Seeing her naked and her perfect tits and her shaved pussy with just a landing strip and that vibrator pumping in and out. Holy cow. I got in the shower and jacked off.


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  • Send her some daddy/daughter videos.

  • You should've walked in and fucked her tight young pussy

  • You should let her catch you masturbating, see where that leads to.
    You should definitely fuck her sweet young pissy

  • I've been fucking my 21 year step daughter since she was 15. She also so slick, she dosen't make trouble as she like that her mom drinks so much she passes out every night. Then we get to play every night. She is heavy into anal and oral as she doesn't want to get knocked up. But just before her period she let's me cum in her all I want.

    She knows that she Daddy's little girl and has me rapped around her sexy little finger.

  • If her door was open she wanted you to see.

  • I’d say so too.

  • You should have stripped down, got hard and casually walked in. Pretty good chance you could have fucked her.

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