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I've been cheating on my husband for years. I'm 42 years old and still have lesbian sex with bi curious girls. He has no clue but I've slept with girls as young as 16.

1 month ago


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    • Well the sleeping with underaged girls is not good but you should talk to him. Tell him how you feel. How being with women makes you feel.

    • Let him know you're bi. Only you can decide whether or not to let him know that you've been having sex with other women, but definitely let him know that you have this inclination and that you want to pursue it.

      It would've been better if you'd told him from the start, but better late than never. My wife told me she was strongly bi-curious after we'd been dating about a month. I encouraged her to explore, and it's lead us both to an amazing life together that neither of us could've dreamed of when we first met. Our interests have evolved, as have the boundaries we've set for ourselves, but today, decades later, we're happily polyamorous.

    • You should keep fucking younger girls...enjoy them while you can get them still.

    • I agree. The younger the better. Sixteen is way too fucking old if you ask me.

    • Why not invite him into it? Why leave him out? If having a man involved in the sex itself, why not lay him on the ground and stand on him while you make out with your lesbian lover? Have him give a massage and lick yours and her feet while you make out and kiss, eat your partner. There's so much you could do that includes him, and you would not feel guilty.

      Unless you're just another selfish bitch like so many others out running around fucking up people's lives.

    • Since you have passed so many years with your sexuality, you may relate it to your hubby. I am sure he will not mind - living with you for so many years! And now ask him to join 3 or 4 some relationship with your friends.

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