Second time round

When i was in my teens an older guy got me touch his cock,i was not forced but he became very aroused and was pushing it between my fingers and pleading with me to suck it ,which i eventually did several times before he moved away, and i moved on to girls and eventually got married ,couple of kids.good job etc, and i love it.but last summer while out for a walk across the fields and woodland i disturbed a youth in his late teens leaning up against this old disused barn with his jeans half way down his legs great big hard on and wanking away.I am 45 and the words wow just came out my mouth and i just could not keep my eyes of his cock as he tried to pull his jeans up while saying sorry,sorry felt like it was not me ,but i said wow don`t put it away and with that a big grin spread across his face and he pushed his jeans back down and let me suck his cock for a good 10 minutes or so before coming in my mouth.When i saw him again he was walking along with a girl and i was with my wife and kids.he gave me a sly little grin and mouthed the words same time when no one was looking.We now have this understanding that we get what we both want so when he zips back up we don`t judge each other.Why after so many years i just don`t know or care.

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  • There is nothing wrong with a guy sucking cock, and there is no such thing as a bad blow-job, it's just that some are better than others. And if a person likes sucking cock it shows in how good they are at it, especially if they swallow. It just pisses me off when a woman sucks cock then complains when it cums in her mouth, what was she expecting, chocolate ice cream!? I have never complained when I get a mouth full of semen because, being a guy I know that is what happens when a cock reaches climax. And I've never heard a guy complain when he gets a mouthful of cum. There's a lot to be said for somebody who will take a cock into their mouth, keep sucking!

  • I’m sure I’d be a phenomenal cocksucker I think I’d love to try it.

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