Scrub a dub

Just wanting to start a new thread for Lorraine and her see thru leggings. I am the one who offered to shave, dry , lotion and massage your sexy body!! Now let's get you dressed in something cute shall we??

Apr 22


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    • So interesting, that will be great, let's connect. send me email:

    • Iā€™m still waiting in that flipping lay~by on the A64.šŸ™„šŸ˜¢

    • Ha ha. Oops. I confused the A64 with the A58.
      Kisses, Lorraine/Lauren xx

    • I'm happy to play.
      First of all, you should use my real name Lauren which was outed in the other thread.
      OK. Let's say you're taking me for a walk in the park. How do you want me to dress? You choose my clothes.
      I'm 21 and I'm 5'6" tall with mid-back reddish-brown straight hair and hazel eyes.
      I think I'm pretty. I'm happy with my looks.
      I'm UK size 8/10. You already know that I have 32B tits, that my pussy is shaven and that I've got a nice bum.
      So, now I'm standing naked in front of you.
      Dress me.
      šŸ’‹šŸ’‹ Lauren

    • If you don't hurry up and dress me, I'll be walking round the park in my birthday suit! Or is that your cunning plan?
      Kisses, Lauren xx

    • Hi Lauren! So glad you responded! Mmmm, how about a silky pair of flimsy panties thong or bikini, your choice, a cute flirty dress that buttons up the front, no bra, maybe some cute anklet socks and little white tennis shoes!!! Dress can be a tad snug up top, showing off those 32b's.... And who knows part way thru the walk you may lose those panties??? šŸ’‹ N, xoxo...

    • I could break a sweat and need something to wipe my brow with, your damp panties would do just fine!! Mmm, reddish brown straight hair! Love it! Even better still, let some of that grow back on your lovely pussy! Maybe you could give me the honor to shave a beautiful heart shape pubis with the perfect hair color?!? What do you think, I know it would be hard not to show it off, but why not!!.. šŸ’‹ N , xoxo

    • ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø. N ...

    • You sound absolutely gorgeous btw, which I of course assumed all along!! Lol, I can think of a few walkin the park outfits. How about the one that started it all, the see thru leggings, with maybe a pink or baby blue pair of panties??? I know a nice park with some dog walkers, little ankle biters. Would be sexy to see you squat and pet and play with the pups, giving a revealing glimpse of your self..... šŸ•. šŸ’‹ N..

    • Thanks, N. You've given me a choice of outfit and I'll make the selection on this occasion. In future, I'll let you know where I'm going and you can tell me how to dress. As long as it's legal and I won't get into too much trouble or expose myself to minors, your wish will be my command.
      I'm choosing a short white cotton summer dress with a partial button-down front, no bra, a neon pink thong and a pair of white Converse. Pretty much as you suggested. I am also wearing a pale pink cardigan as it's a bit chilly. The dress is mid-thigh but it's a little higher at the back. I don't have a big bum, but it is quite round and does stick out a bit, lifting the back of the dress. The cardigan is short and rests above my bottom. I am leaving it unbuttoned. The dress isn't see-through, but it's pretty obvious that I'm braless from how my nipples protrude when I get nervous or excited. It's loose fitting and quite low cut. Basically, if I lean forwards too far, I'm flashing my boobs and if I bend over too far, I'm sharing my bum with the world. If it gets breezy, who knows what will be on show?
      Right, I've had a fortifying glass of wine and I'm ready to go. It's about ten minutes to walk to the park and I'll potter around there for half an hour or so.
      I hope you're happy with my outfit.
      I shall feedback later.
      With love and kisses, Lauren šŸ’‹šŸ’‹šŸ’‹
      PS What does N stand for and whereabouts in the world are you?

    • Hello again, mysterious Mr N,
      As promised, a report of my outing. It was colder than I had expected and I had to cut it short because I was freezing, but it was pretty breezy too and the dress was flapping about a bit. I held it down at the front, but the back was up and down like a yo-yo. I made a token effort to look as though I was at least trying to maintain some dignity, but at one point the back of the dress blew up completely and the whole of my bum was on display for a few seconds. As I reached behind me, up went the front and I was flashing my pussy instead, covered only by a bright pink thong. The park wasn't too busy, but there were a few other students around. I was far too cool (ahem) to check who may or may not have seen my little show. Walking back to the house, a car driver tooted his horn at me, so I guess he must have caught a glimpse of something.
      I've been back over an hour and I'm still really cold, so I'm going for a bath. You could watch or even join me if you were here. How would you thaw out my frozen bum?
      Love and kisses xx šŸ˜˜, Lauren

    • Oh Lauren, totally love your outfit selection! The dress is sexy, with the nipples poking but not really seen. White can be so innocent! The pink cardigan, adorable,love that it matches the panties! The yo yo effect is always a tease, makes a man not take his eyes off you... The white converse perfect, can really picture in this great outfit selection!!

    • Mmm, frozen little bum, warm it up by gently rubbing my big warm hands over it, planting warm kisses all over it! Then spoon up against you, rubbing together for warmth!! If that doesn't work, the nice hot bath sounds nice and yes would like to join you in the bath or just keep you company and watch you soak!!!

    • I could gently spank you too ! Get the blood flowing and warm your skin... The N stands for Nick btw... šŸ’‹ N. Xoxo

    • Mmmm, while you're in the bath, I need a cold shower to calm down,lol... I would have a few pre warmed towels for me to dry you off btw.... I was thinking about you home from the walk, in your room hanging the cardigan and dress, walking around in your room with just that tight little pink thong, hugging your lips and pressed up against your pink bumhole. Along with the converse and just that!! What if the neighbor or passerby was taking a peek at you???

    • Hi Nick,
      I often walk round my bedroom naked, but as I live in a shared house and my room is on the first floor, not many passers-by would notice unless they looked up. My full length mirror that I dress in front of is by the window, so maybe they'dcatch a glimpse, but the viewing angle would reveal boobs only at best. There are other student houses opposite and people in the same level rooms over the road probably get a better view, especially when I leave the curtains open and turn the lights on when it's dark outside. I do this a lot if I'm feeling a bit naughty. I love the idea of someone spying on me and pretending that I'm unaware.
      As for spanking, it's not something I've ever really done other than a jokey drunken dare over the knee of my bestie, Beth. The minx did pull my knickers down to let all the rest of our housemates see my bare bum getting redder and redder. As I stated elsewhere, it was the beginning of my realisation that I had vague exhibitionist tendencies. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy a proper spanking, but I do like the idea of having to assume humiliating positions to be spanked in. Does that even make sense? What position would you recommend?
      Anyhow, I'm having a quiet evening in watching TV and just hanging around. I'm wearing a pink t-shirt (and bra - sorry), and my extremely transparent black leggings with an oh-so-visible plain white thong underneath. I'm barefoot. I'm very comfortable being semi-naked or even fully naked in front of my housemates. They've seen it all before.
      I hope you're well.
      Love and kisses šŸ’‹šŸ’‹šŸ’‹, Lauren

    • Hi Lauren! Nice to hear you are having a quiet night in. I understand we can't be naked all the time and sometimes a little cover up,bra and panties especially a sexy white thong can be more tantalizing!! Hoping a roomie is thinking to check your laundry tomorrow and getting a hold of that thong!!! Also your barefoot, what size are your feet?? Like a cute pair of feet but not my fetish. As far as spanking I am not into it either. Would never want to inflict pain on a lover. I prefer sensual,lovey stuff, like planting soft warm kisses all over your bum.. I have playfully swatted or played the butt bongos just for us to laugh for fun ,but nothing harmful!!! Some of that dark dungeon porn is like ouch, feel bad for those sweeties! Ok.. ttyl! šŸ’‹ šŸ’‹. Nick. Xoxo

    • Oh as far as a spanking position, I would say over my knee , knickers down or off, if it was just us two. Lol, ahh your friend Beth, do tell, she is a sexy naughty gal too?? I have always wanted a footjob by a hot girl, lubed or oiled up feet and my manhood slippery, being rubbed and pushed thru your soles... šŸ’‹ N. Xoxo

    • Hello again Nick,
      Apologies for the late reply. I've been busy with my studies. I have my finals coming up soon. Then I went out to a club last night and didn't go to bed until 6.00 this morning.
      I'm intrigued by foot jobs. Never come across that before. I'd give it a try if it gave you pleasure. My feet are very average, UK size five.
      As far as spanking goes, my pain threshold is too low to enjoy it, but I would like to go over your knee and have my skirt lifted and my knickers pulled down. Maybe a very gentle smack or two, but I'd far prefer you to cover my naked bum with kisses.
      Beth is naughty and sexy . She's my exhibitionist partner-in-crime. Play your cards right and you could find yourself with both of our bums, tits and pussies to play with. Where would you start?
      Love and kisses šŸ’‹šŸ’‹šŸ’‹, Lauren

    • Hi Lauren! No problem, focus on your studies for sure! Yes the foot job could be so fun, just think about when I cum , shooting thru your feet! Mmm, both you and Beth! Wow! That is a deliciously dirty time, two bums, 4 butt cheeks to line up and kiss and lick for starters, along with slipping some fingers in both pussies together!! Do you 2 ever fool around? šŸ’‹ šŸ’‹. Nick, xoxo

    • Is Beth naughty enough to let YOU shave her? And vice versa? Would be so incredible to watch. Also how do feel about pics and videos taken, something as innocent upskirt with panties to naughty nudes? Have you ever done that? Possibly anonymous no face...

    • šŸ’‹ šŸ’‹ Nick, xoxo....

    • Hi Nick - You can stop fantasising. We've never shaved each others' pussies and I've never posted any pics online. I wouldn't necessarily rule either out though. Beth and I have showered together on several occasions and we do fool around with each other, but playfully rather than sexually. We have kissed and we do grope, smack, pinch and rub each others bodies. We also have an ongoing silly game of trying to expose each other in public by lifting up skirts or tops, pantsing etc. I'm not really that way inclined, but if I was to fancy a girl, it would definitely be her. She's gorgeous and she's my soul mate. Maybe one day. Who knows?
      We have shared a bed quite a few times, but that was with my boyfriend at the time in the middle. He's now an ex-bf and she has her own bf now, so that's not going to happen again anytime soon. It was fun though, although it was mainly for his pleasure. He certainly had his hands full and quite literally didn't know which way to turn!
      Love and kisses šŸ’‹šŸ’‹šŸ’‹ Lauren

    • Starting another new thread, scrub a dub 2

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