What do you do with a puberting son?

Hi, I'm 34 and I have a son of 13. I'm parttime working from home office, so I'm here for the kids (we have a girl of 8 too). over the last weeks our son grows more and more into puberty. What I have registered upto now:
> he leaves the door of the bath open, when he is showering or washing
> he walks from door to bath in the nude
> the boxershorts I find used in his room have all dryed marks of semen in it
> even on the sheets of his bed I saw them
> I sometimes miss some of my underwear
> I found underwear of our daughter in his room
> I found some magazines in his schoolbag ( pornomags with cocks and cunts, blowjobs and fucking)
> I'm nearly sure that he has found the secret boy in the drawer in our bedroom (emberassing!)
> I caught him in front of the bathroom door during his sister showering
> I think (I have no proof) he looks throught the keyhole, when I'm showering too
I don't know, that it's all he did but it's all I know about until today. I have to confess, I like it somehow seeing him in that state. And I even confess, when I'm in the bath or alone in my bedroom, I "play" with it. I stay longer in the nude and I more often wear sexy underwear. at each time I hope, he sits outside and watch me.

Hi to all of you outside - men and women!
What have you done during puberty or what did your kids do?
Please tell me. even about girls, it will come to us in some years too.

I would love to hear your experiences.


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  • Growing up Hillbilly Style
    my older sister's sleep over girlfriend was my poison. I'm 14, she's 18
    We had a big house with a game room. We'd be the last 2 awake.
    She taught me strip poker == then gave me handjobs
    About 5 years later I fucked her in the County Fair parking lot, while her husband was taking her kids on rides.

  • Good stuff mom
    walking around in panties and bra is great
    or a robe that slips open easily
    give mommy a hugggg

  • If your son is jacking off, you need to help him. Even a 13 year old son would love to get some pussy, even if it's mom's.

  • Yup. mine started to jack me off way younger though. Always used ky warming lube

  • Every teenage boy dreams of fucking his mom. You should provide every opportunity for him to peek at you while showering or changing clothes. Keep an ample supply of freshly juiced up panties for him to sniff, and the next time you suspect he is wacking off, you should walk in on him and offer to help. He will love you more than ever if you let him slide his cock inside of you.

  • Let him have a bath with his sister and u watch thru the key hole

  • I think you should make your son's dreams come true and fuck him.

  • When I was 13, my mom was only 31, 18 years older than myself. If I would have imagined a sexy body, it would been my mom's. I especially loved her breasts, not overly large, but just so round and firm. I found some topless photos her boyfriend had taken of her, and I couldn't believe how perfect her tits were. After school, when my mom was still at work, I'd get them and take them with me to my bedroom. I'd spread them out so I had a variety to look at the same time. Since she was my mom I didn't really look at her face, but I jacked off looking at her tits many times.

  • I had a very sexual relationship with my mother from the age of 16. All i can advise is don't be afraid to sexually interact with your son. Rather than him watching from outside the bathroom door, invite him in. Join him in the shower and be intimate with him. Keep him away from your daughter and explain that she is far too young! As a mother its up to you to take care of his needs.

  • I should spank him

  • Porn magazines? Kids these days watch porn on the internet on their computers or phones.

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