Chance meeting

The last time we argued as we did that night, I told myself if he ever brought up my libido again, I'd seek out a man to satisfy what he obviously was finding difficult to cope with.

Unfortunately and I do mean that, he couldn't resist having a go, as I used a dildo to carry on the orgasms he'd begun for and with me.

His comments were very personal and extremely cutting, in as much as I'm married to the man and he knows and knew before we got married, just how much I enjoy sex.

That night I'd had enough, but stayed put and took his hour long rip into my personality and sexual requirements. He even took to blaming my mom for encouraging my over exaggerated sexual needs. Something which was a secret of love I shared with him.

Knowing he would be out at work until late the next day, I picked up the phone and dialed a young man who I knew had been wanting to get into my panties since we first met.

By midday we'd already been having sex for almost an hour and half. It was amazing and I just couldn't get enough of how he pleasured me and how compatible we were together. Everything we did, and we did just about everything you can imagine sexually together, was as though we'd been having sex for years. For which he later told me, he'd always had in his mind.

Taking a bathing break with him in the tub, I picked up my phone when it rang and listened to my husband telling me how sorry he was for our/his argument the previous night. As he was explaining how he loved me but couldn't keep up with my sexual demands, I felt my lovers hard thick penis enter me from behind. And I took the rest of that phone call with my orgasm rising from the awesome sex I was being given. Luckily just as my husband hung up, I climaxed loudly.

We had more sex during the afternoon and I challenged myself for not encouraging this man sexually before. Just before he left for his apartment, he took me again at the foot of the stairs. I'd lost count of the amount of of orgasms he'd driven me too. But once I'd shivered out my last climax that day with him, I thanked J for calling round.

Eight months on, and J has become a very regular lover of mine. We're close to setting up together permanently. Only a couple more months and I'll be telling my husband I'm leaving him for J. A person he knows all too well. He should do, it's his younger brother.

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