Now I’m confused!

Having a conversation with my girlfriend and her friend and we started talking about lesbians, my girlfriend said she could never be a lesbian not because of it being the same sex but for not having the penetration, she said the touching kissing etc is lovely but to feel like she is having sex is the penetration part of it, even her friend agreed saying the penetration part does make up the biggest percentage of having sex.
My girlfriend said to her friend we’ve had sex without penetration many times and had great orgasms but said it always felt like something was missing without the penetration.
My girlfriend and her friend didn’t have an answer to how a lesbian can feel complete without having the feeling of the partner body and motion going inside you.
She said on the outside it’s very nice but the missing part is the penetration.


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  • Most women are lesbians, well bisexual.
    My current wife was a friend of mine when I was with my ex. I had a threesome with them both, my ex's idea. My current wife is straight, had never been with a woman, but she didn't mind letting my ex eat her pussy just so she could suck my dick. After it all ended and I got with my current wife, she never wanted to have sex with another woman. There is NO Fucking way in hell I would have sex with another guy to get close to another woman. Like I said, ALL women are natural lesbians.

  • Yes you would have sex with a guy, we know that.

  • If you can't make a woman cum with foreplay you're a crappy lover.

  • Was several years into our marriage before my admitted that when she was 19 she had a sexual relationship with a 25 yr old female coworker. My wife grew up homeschooled in a very sheltered family environment and was "sowing her oats". She said it only lasted about a month...been there, done that and back to guys. My wife rarely has sex without an orgasm, not because I fantastic skills, but because I am happy to do what she needs to get off. She says she expects to orgasm and that makes it easier. She orgasms regularly during
    foreplay. Getting her off gets me off.

  • All women like to be penetrated including lesbians

  • Many women can't orgasm without penetration, so most lesbos are pretty proficient with a strap-on dong, and usually have a pretty good assortment of dildoes and vibrators.

  • If you really believe that penetration is what sex is all about perhaps you and your simplistic and naïve lady friends should check out some lesbian porn and see the amazing things they do with a device known as a DILDO .

  • Lesbian porn you say, you mean acting!

  • It's still penetration dumbass

  • The OP claimed that his lady friends said sex couldn't be "complete" for lesbians because there was no penetration. That's what I was responding to.

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