Can you feel it?

When a man cums can you feel the cum going inside your pussy

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  • My gals pussy feels the hot cum and then it drips out for a while

  • Sometimes it its hot

  • No, because he cums in my mouth.

  • First wife said yes , she was very tight. The second wife said no and she was very loose. Both didn't care as long as they got off.

  • Yes and it’s the best feeling you’ll ever experience.

  • I can feel my boyfriend's cock getting bigger and pulsating, but don't feel the cum until it starts dripping out lol.

  • My wife says she can feel me cum in her. She moans right as I cum, so I guess she really does.

  • I can feel him pulsating but no I do not feel his cum going into me. Honestly I am usually moving around so much and he is thrusting so hard and fast when he orgasms that the only way I know he came is he slows down or he is telling me he came.

  • I'm not a woman, but according to most women I've been with, when I cum really hard, they can feel my cum squirting inside of them, as well as the pulsations in my cock. None of them can feel my cum during anal sex, though, as there is basically no sensitive feeling beyond the entance to the rectum.

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