My poor husband he does try

My sexual dream is to be fucked and have an orgasm from just penetration my husband gets me so close to cumming but unfortunately it’s to much for him and he cums.
When he is thrusting away I can feel an orgasm buildup like I’ve never had before I just want him to continue just a little longer to tip me over the edge.
He gives me many orgasms when having sex just never from penetration.

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  • I have never had an orgasm from just intercourse and my husband has an above average size penis. The closest I think I ever come to getting there is if I am on top but only because I am rubbing myself off on his pubic area.

  • Have him snort a little methamphetamine just before sex. You will be amazed at how long and hard he can pound your dripping wet pussy before he finally cums, and how hard he cums when he does.

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