Being manly yet feeling pretty? Actually yes!

I am very masculine and enjoy long powerful strides when i walk. I make sure to stand back up straight and shoulders blocked as my confident gait exudes the certainty of my prowess... yet once through the front door of my home those long sure steps quickly transform into dainty quickness with toes outstretched and calf muscles clenching one side then the other and my trousers make way for a pastel colors and silky smooth fabric that tantalizes the skin...its as though i am making love to myself...exhilirating and freeing ...I love womens clothes....and though i may not look as pretty or have the curves of a woman
..I feel amazing.

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  • Yes when I’m home alone and been partying I go out and buy panties and pantyhose. I like the way they feel and how I look.

  • I love wearing ladies clothing. All of them. No one item feels better than another. Panties, bras, garters with stockings, corsets, dresses, blouses, low waist pants, high heels. I love them all. From slutty, school girl, and mature styles. All of them free my spirit. I love the feeling of a breeze under my dress. Exhilarating feelings.
    I have been a closet cross dresser for 40 years. Sometimes I even let people see my fetish in the appropriate place. Sometimes people have seen my female underwear accidentally. I have gotten good and bad comments about my choice of undergarments.
    I will continue wearing them because I enjoy wearing them.
    Have fun with it.

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