Cheating with married woman

I have been cheating with a married woman for years. We dated in college and started talking online after we were both married. One thing led to another and we started having sex again. The sex is incredible and neither one of us wants to stop. Recently she told me, while I was inside her, that she wanted me to get her pregnant. Needless to say the sex since then head been incredibly hot! We track when she's ovulating and get a hotel room. Then have sex seven or eight times until we are both spent. This afternoon she sent me a pic of a positive pregnancy test. With the text. "Our first." It got me so horny.

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  • And I thought my affair was stupid. My husband is away one week a month. My girlfriend I share dirty sex secrets. She a hostess at an exclusive Country Club.
    They have this secret sex club where married members hook up married women. She calls it Fuck a Rich Guy Club. When hubby is away she puts the bug in my ear to try it out. She gets some kind of reward for new club members she gets. It's not money. It's hard not to fantasize about that once it's on the table. She says she has the perfect guy for me. One week I'm super lonely and wore out by vibrator. I'm like wtf, let's do this. He's the nicest guy with a bitch wife. We go at it like newly weds when he's a way. And he took me yachting.

  • Hang on. Why does she want to have a baby with you and not her husband?

  • This is hilarious ! You wouldn't know "hot" sex if your fucking pubes were on fire ! Right, and every woman wants to pop out a loathsome thing with no moral compass, like you. Oh well, that would be a sure thing since she's a lower life form, too. Hope you both begat so many ill-formed zygotes that your genitals fall off !

  • You are out of your mind and so is your lady friend.

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