Im straight. Until he walked through the door...

I am straight and happily married and have a beautiful daughter. I enjoy sex wity my wife and never thought I lacked something. That is until two years ago. I took a jobwith a small Coffee and Tea packaging company owned by the man I want to make love too. Ive seen him changing shirts at work. His chest is sold and perfectly adorned with hair all the way to his obvious trim and firm abs that beckon immediate admiration from any who see him. And the one time I saw his dick, made me question my desires...he has a very large dick and it was not fully erect, perfectly spaced beteeen his two strong and muscular thighs. It hung gently as he was changing and I have not quit fantasizing about it

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  • I very much doubt you seen his dick. Not working in a tea and coffee company. Under what circumstances would you have seen it. And don't say urinal because it's just too far fetched.

  • The post says he was "changing". What boss doesn't change clothes at work in front of their employees? Apparently while going commando, or perhaps changing his boxer briefs as well.

  • When you let him fuck you, ask for a pay raise. It's a Win, Win.

  • You're about as straight as a circle !

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