11 years ago me and my dad moved in with his girlfriend and daughter I was 27 at the time and believe it or not I was bullied by the daughter, she was 23 and a bitch, she made life hell for me and also made things uncomfortable for my dad.
She spat in my food told her mum I had been trying to touch her, she hit me all the time and made me pee myself, It didn’t last long and me and my dad moved out.
Fast forward 11 years and now I’m interviewing that horrible bitch for a job in my company, it was a priceless picture seeing her face when I walked in.

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  • 27 year old living with his dad and pissed himself. Ye God's...

  • So, at 27 years of age, you were still living with your father, and moved into his girlfriends house with him??? No part of that should make sense, unless you are "special".

  • Yeah, right. She probably told you she was not only taking the job offered, she would have YOUR job within six months, then she made you pee yourself for old times sakes. Pathetic !

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