Man flu!

I was suffering with man flu and my good friend came to visit, I was laying on the sofa and my friend sat opposite I wasn’t talking much I can remember closing and opening my eyes as she tried to chat.
I must of drifted of to sleep and when I opened my eyes I could clearly see my friend with her hand down the front of her leggings rubbing her pussy her legs we’re parted her fingers were going up and down the slit of her pussy.
She stopped what she was doing got up kissed me on my head and left.
I would love to ask her about that day but unsure how to bring it up in conversation.

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  • If her talking made you fall asleep, I'd bin her off.

  • Nah you were hallucinating mate

  • Thank her for coming over to check on you and making you feel better. Tell her it really cheered you up when she rubbed herself in the same room with you.

  • What the fuck is man flu?

  • Man flu is flu, but because a man has it, they seem to think it's more severe than if women have it. Where a woman will just get on with it, looking after her family and still feeling at deaths door, men take days off work and sleep for days.
    Which is why it's called man flu, not "growthefuckupandtakelemsipandpissoffbacktowork flu"

  • Oh, okay, gotcha ! The same thing as, " You've never endured childbirth or cramps from a period so you're a pussy flu " Sexism much ?

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