Big Dan...

My Dad had a party after his divorce was final and invited a bunch of people over. I was 16 then and it was a great party! One of my Dad’s friends, Dan, who was also recently divorced, was around 50 and in really great shape and the salt-and-pepper hair was really sexy. It was around 1:00 am when most everyone left. My Dad, his friend Dan and me all had too much to drink so my Dad told Dan to crash on the couch and we all went to bed.

I got up around 3:00 to pee and I heard Dan snoring. I peeked in on him and he was lying on his back on the couch with one leg hangin off and he was wearing just boxers. He had a blanket but it had mostly fallen off. I immediately notice what looks like a dick hanging out of his shorts. I crept up and holy shit, his dick was HUGE. It had to be 8" and it was totally soft. I got my face just inches away from it. It was beautiful. I nudged him but he didn’t respond. I poked him in his thigh and whispered “Dan!” but he didn’t budge. I was still drunk and now very horny. I had enough experience with guys to know that even if he woke up, he’d be thrilled so I said the Hell with it. I just had to know what a big dick would feel like in my mouth. I had only sucked one dick before this and it was my first boyfriend whose dick was at the other end of the size chart. He was barely 5 inches hard and I could swallow his whole dick and have my nose buried in his pubic hair without even trying. I remember thinking that I must not have much of a gag reflex because it so easy. Now here I am looking at a dick a good THREE inches longer, WAY thicker, and it’s not even hard!

I was scared but excited and really horny. I had NO IDEA how big his dick would get, or even if it would get hard since he was drunk. I leaned in and kissed the head. That felt nice and meaty so I kissed the head again with more of a real smooch. That felt even better so I opened my mouth and wet-kissed the head, licking the tip with my tongue and I lifted my head up, stretching his dick out. I let go and his dick flopped down making a ‘plop’ sound. Looking at the head glistening with my spit on it turned me on so much, I wet-kissed the head again but this time I kept sucking to see how much of his soft dick I could get in my mouth. Even soft, his dick was thicker than my first boyfriend but since it wasn’t stiff, I got like maybe six inches in my mouth and it felt SOOOO good! I could feel the head tickling the back of my throat but I actually LOVED how it felt. I sucked a little more but by then, his dick started firming and fattening up, which ALSO felt AMAZING. I started softly and slowly moving my head up and down and I heard Dan mumble a little, which scared me but turned me on at the same time. I started sucking harder and his dick was now huge! It wasn’t completely hard but I had heard that a lot of guys with big dicks don’t get super hard. I sucked his dick for a good twenty minutes and he wailed a drunken sob and started coming. I had NO IDEA he was going to come! I didn’t think it was possible for a guy to come while he’s passed out but Dan DID! I started swallowing and I actually liked the taste! The texture was kinda funky but I was drunk so I didn’t mind. I kept sucking him until he got soft and then I wiped off most of my spit with the blanket, tucked him back into his shorts and covered him with the blanket.

The next morning Dan was pretty hungover. I asked him if he wanted some coffee and he said “that would be wonderful, thank you...” After an hour or so, Dan had some breakfast, took a shower and got ready to leave. He shook hands with my Dad and they hugged each other. He turned to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged me and whispered “Thank you”. I was pleasantly shocked, leaned back and looked at him. He winked and turned around and left...

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship...


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  • Huge dick downside.
    I have and average 6 incher. My wife's twin sister's husband is hung like a horse. She bragged about it so did he-- and I saw it skinny dipping. Gotta do a double take when you see it.
    They are identical twins. Anyway we're all in our 60's now and sis can't have sex anymore -- his big dick is just too painful for her older pussy. We still do it 3x a week with no problems.

  • I had a similar thing happen with a friend of my brother, he had joined the military and was staying at our house when he was back on leave. I have always been an early riser and when I walked out into the living room he was asleep on the couch, half uncovered and his penis was hard but not exposed. I could not believe how much his shorts were sticking up, I was tingling with excitement looking at it. I went over and from the side with the way the hole on the front was stretched I could see his pubic hair and a few inches of it. I was so turned on by it and for some reason I just touched the end of it with a finger a few times, a few minutes later I had all my fingers on it sliding up and down it rubbing it thru is shorts. He had not moved at all so I slowly pulled up his shorts at the waistband to get a look at it, my god it was huge, way bigger than I thought a penis got. All I could think about was this was suppose to fit inside me and I just could not picture it happening. I went back to my room and masturbated thinking about it and a few days later I used a banana on myself for the first time. I thought well that felt pretty good so maybe it was not that bad after all, a few years later when I had sex with guy for the first time I learned just how fun it was to be filled.

  • This is Julie, the girl in the story above. We haven’t fucked yet but we have had a lot of fun! I got his number off my Dad’s phone and started texting, which became sexting in no time. I told Dan I was still a virgin, (which is true) and I wasn’t sure I wanted to lose my virginity to a guy with a 10-inch tree trunk between his legs! Dan was pretty skittish about fucking anyway with me being underage and his good friend’s daughter.

    When we were sexting, I asked him what his favorite number was and he replied, just as I’d hoped, ‘69’. I love 69-ing more than anything!

    I’ve been going over to his house for weeks now and we 69 for hours. I keep my pussy waxed and OMG can this guy lick and suck!!! He tongue-fucks me like NO ONE ever has!!! I can’t even count how many orgasms I’ve had. I’ve been trying to deepthroat his monster dick but I can only get about eight inches down my throat and he has to be soft. His dick swells up inside my throat which is a TOTAL rush but then I have to pull it out because it gets so thick I can’t breathe. I actually enjoy making him come and then sucking him when he’s soft. Even soft, his dick is WAY thicker and meatier than any guy I’ve been with. I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this because I find that I’m having DREAMS of his monster dick stretching my pussy-mouth as wide as it can and I wake up and finger myself to an orgasm in just seconds!!!

  • Mmm, what a great story. One question though, how long ago did this story take place? I noticed that you said, "I was 16 then" which would indicate that it happened a while ago; yet in this recent post you said you two have been 69ing each other for weeks, leading me to believe that this is when the party happened. btw, I love that you two 69; although, it is still illegal even with no penetration or penis to vagina action.

  • It took place about 7 years ago. Sorry for the confusion, the 69-ing was right after we started fooling around. I saw him once last Summer and we 69-ed for over two hours and then I told him I wanted to know what that huge dick would feel like in my pussy since I was no longer a virgin. OMG... It was incredible. Dan fucked me SUPER-SLOW only pushing his dick in HALFWAY for about 5 minutes and I was TOTALLY on the edge of a huge orgasm and then he slowly pushed it almost all the way in and I thought my head was going to explode!!! He started fucking me, using about 9, (I’m guessing) inches of his 10-1/2 inches and just watching it disappear into my pussy was mind-blowing! We only fucked once but I hope top be back home next Summer...

  • We have to know if you fucked.

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