Gay for comic book characters

I don't consider myself gay because I'm really not attracted to actual men, but man do I get hot for comic book characters like Nightwing. Thinking about their lean, powerfully muscled bodies nearly bursting put of their tight spandex suits make my mouth water and my ass ache to be fucked. I feel like that makes me sound like a nerdy faggot but I really don't care. I want Dick Grayson and Tim Drake to fuck me.

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  • Eyes off Johnny Quest, he's mine !

  • I know what you mean! I had a real thing for lifeguards when I was littler. I'd crush on them, their muscles, tan and amazing bulges in their sexy skimpy swimsuits. I was fucked in my cute tight little ass by more than a few. It always starts out with me sucking um. Even the straight ones would let me cause I'm really kinda cute and girly looking. Even some of the straight ones would end up fucking me and making me promise not to tell anyone else about it.

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