I have this dark fantasy that I Jill to quite often where I am jogging along this trail that I often use in the evenings and two men run up behind me and drag me off the path.
I am tied up and a hood is put over my head, I end up in a vehicle and driven off to some house where they cut off all my clothes and I am bound to a bed. I am always tied with my legs and arms to each corner of the bed then they run their hands all over me and leave the room. I then for some reason fantasize that this really large, round, bald man comes into the room, he licks and kisses me all over and then licks my vagina relentlessly until I am screaming out with orgasm after orgasm.
Usually by this point I have had a real orgasm in my bed with my legs spread as wide as I can get them and either my fingers or a vibrator are giving me pleasure. The last time I played this fantasy out in my head the man coming into the room was a man in my upper management at work. I have never had any issues with him and as far as I know he is a good person but in my fantasy he pulled on my nipples and slapped my breasts hard. I did this to myself imagining him doing it and then I sort of opened my eyes and wondered where in the hell I was going with this one. I put the vibrator on myself and had a quick orgasm then showered.
Monday morning I could not believe it when this meeting popped up on my calendar that included him on it, I came into the room and sat down at the table trying not to look at him because all I could picture was him sitting between my legs and slapping my breasts around.
I know it is crazy but it has been bothering me whenever I see him and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.

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  • They say a lot of women fantasize about getting raped or having multiple men fuck them. But yes it is weird when that happens.

  • Dark fantasies are a part of sexuality. Sometimes when I masturbate my mind goes crazy. Lately the more risk I take the bigger the orgasm.

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