Babysitting and doggys

I use to babysit the 2 kids next door when I was 12 to 15 well I had just turned 14 and I was sitting again and horny as all hell and fantasizing about getting caught by the parents playing with myself I had my pants down around my.feet ant my shirt rolled ul and i6 was into just a few little sips of their Apricot Brandy boy that stuff made me sooo hot and way more horny I absolutely loved it. So I'm in the big easy chair playing with my very hard boy cock when all of a sudden something bumped my leg I almost fell out of that to my small self Giant chair with the shock... I looked to see what it was and to my surprise it was a doggy I'd never seen before. It was at least 2or3 yrs. old and wagging it's tail and bouncing around all over the place. So I picked him up and snuggled him close and rubbed him on his belly that turned out to be what he liked the best so I carried on thinking I'll give him all he can take I enjoy giving love to others always have always will!!!
So I'm rubbing and tickling and a bit of scratching and all of a sudden his pink little doggy dick decides to show it's self and it wasn't a shy little bugger to say the least. I cam out in all it's glory standing straight up and proud as hell. Of course with being horny a bit tipsy and having a new sex partner lying hard taunting me with that sord of flesh and only 10 maybe less inches from my face I just couldn't help myself and I bent down to give just one quick kiss. So I did. But I licked once as well. Now that people will say is kind of gross and mabye it is but to him it was pure electric I saw it on him face so seeing how much he liked it I decided to do another. And another and another I licked him slowly from bottom to the leaking tip three very rewarding times. For him!! That's when I went for another shot or brandy so I pull my pants up not doing up the clip sip or belt and walked back into the kitchen and had another sip then put a bit of water into the Brandy and put it back making sure it looked the same as when I found it.
Ya never know if it's a trap!! Of course all this time I'm also playing with the mutt
But when I stand back up after returning the bottle the cute little dickens is on his back legs spread wide open pink hard cock still out. So I bent down and rubbed his cock just like I do myself he started to leek now quite a bit and my hand was covered in it. I brought my coated hand up to my face just to see it close when the odd almost sickening odour caught my breath and with the booze sent me over the edge. Here I was pants open in someone else's kitchen
with a horny dog in my wet hand and nothing mattered except us. To Me...Him!!!
I remember to this very day what went through My head just before..
.In For a Penny. That was it then I dove Rite In... and took first his whole 4 inches then his knot and hairy balls completely in my wet wanting mouth and swirled and sucked and bobbed him starvingly in and out over and over.
Then I'd swallow all the juices and go back and suck some more. Mmmm
I just couldn't get enough doggy dick even if he was 8 inches. I absolutely loved what I was doing to him and he didn't bitch at all. hee hee
Then after what must have been at least 7 min. His little cocket started to twitch
against my tongue and I knew what was going on so I sucked faster just a bit and
rooled his nut around with my tongue again and that did the trick. Squirt squirt squirt was all he did Next.. Gulp gull gulp was My responc
Hope You All Like My True Story



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  • That was hot. Your talent is wasted here. U should repost this on rawconfessions .com. which I is a much more active n interactive site. Hope to find u there soon puppyboi.

  • I sure hope there's a Part 2...

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