Boyfriends dad

Is it wrong that I just had sex with my boyfriends father. I stopped by my boyfriends house before work and he was out with his friends. When I texted him, I got no answer. I texted a guy friend of both ours and asked if my boyfriend was with him. He said no, that he was with that slut Chelsea. I was so mad that I started venting to my boyfriends father. He went to put his arm around me and instead I took his hand and took him into his bedroom. I quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started sucking him. I stood up and took off my clothes while he took his off. Then i laid down on his bed and spread my legs. He licked me like no other man has. I forgot all about my boyfriend and had a massive orgasm. Then he got between my legs and penetrated me with his cock that is bigger than my boyfriends cock. It felt great not only because of the revenge but because my boyfriends father is soooooo much better at sex then my boyfriend. Now I'm trying to decide if having sex with my boyfriends father was wrong or if I should dump my boyfriend and try to date his father. I mean he is 40ish and I'm 24, but he still has a nice body and goes to the gym every day. I never noticed him until after I had sex with him, but he has a really nice body. Nice and firm with a nice ass and arm muscle and his chest is oh so nice and hunky. I can't stop thinking about him now. What do I do.

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  • Not at all. As a man who loves big cocks i encourage my wife to fuck any stud that's hung. She has not touched my tiny little toddler sized dick in over 4 yrs and I have shared over 30 hung studs with her.

  • I feel it girl. I had a similar situation except it was an Ex's dad. But still he was amazing. We really got along when I was dating his son. I ran into him at a bar sometime after the break up. He said his son cheating on me was the biggest mistake of his life.

    He was 48, I was 23. We sat at the bar drinking and talking one thing to lead to the next and I ended up back at his place getting my brains fucked out.

    He exposed me to a whole new world of sex. And I miss him to this day.

  • I have slept with my mother in-law now and then over the past four years. It started out one day when she was having car problems and she needed a ride to her doctors. Seems she was going to get a refill for some birth control pills. On the way back she was commenting on why does she even bother taking the pill. Seems her husband and her hardly ever gets together for sex. I commented that her daughter takes after her father. She is not really into sex. I told her I am always horney. She said loved sex too. Next thing I knew she was unzipping my pants. She sucked me dry and swallowed my load. Damm you need to talk to your daughter she never swallows. Anyway I get together with her once twice a month and we do the wild thing. She actually is better in bed than her daughter who is 22 years younger then her.

  • And I thought it was a big deal making out with my girlfriend's mom 20 times. If we were alone we'd make out. She had a few drinks once and played with my dick, so I fingered her. She'd say we have to stop this. We broke up, I though of asking her out. But I was 19 and she was 43 and still smoking hot.

  • OP here, Since I wrote this the other day, I figured I would give an update.............
    So when I finally talked to my boyfriend and confronted him about Chelsea he tought it was funny. He kept telling me that I was being controlling. He said he could go out with whomever the fuck he wants to. He kept pissing me off to the point where I finally told him to fuck off, that I had slept with his father and he was way better in bed. WW3 started and my boyfriend moved out of his dads house and moved in with his mom. I spent last night with his father and we had sex again.

  • Stay with dad.

  • If you're into the Dad you should keep sleeping with him. It's going to piss off your boyfriend but he's not faithful and he's never going to be. I wouldn't date the Dad but there's nothing wrong with enjoying his body and experience.

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