Dream Lover

I’m laying in bed, in the dark, alone. My thoughts drift to you…your eyes, your scent, your strong body…the weight of it on mine. The thought is delicious, and it makes me quiver with desire.
I’m naked in the sheets, my hands caressing my own body…my breasts, my belly, then they drift lower…reaching between my legs. I’m not surprised to feel the slippery wetness, as I spread my folds open, dipping my finger in to my sweet hole. One finger, then two…sliding in and out, my breathing ragged. I take a taste from my finger tip, wishing it was the head of your cock, covered in my flavor.
I spread my legs wider, sliding a fingertip over my clit…slowly at first, then more rapidly, as I moan. My breathing comes harder, deeper, as I continue to play with my clit, vibrating my finger over it, wishing it was your tongue. I imagine your hot breath, your mouth, kissing my pussy, the way you kiss me on the mouth. Hungry, greedy, taking me in. In frustration, I pull my vibrator out of the drawer, wishing I was pulling your cock out of your pants...I turn it on...low at first, barely entering my swollen cunt. As I press it in deeper, I increase the speed. It's pumping, spinning, whirring...and I match the rhythm of my hips to my toy.
Suddenly, my body, my legs begin to shudder…orgasm coming, then exploding, my juices squirting over the sheets, soaking them. I cry out, longing for you, my lover….needing your pulsing cock between my legs…needing your kiss, on my mouth, tasting my cum…your tongue caressing mine. I need to hear you whispering, your breath in my ear, as you enter me, inch by inch, stroke by stroke, until you finally cum, pumping me full of you. Your body on me, slick with sweat and your seed.
Where are you, my lover? I need you...

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