Public Use Fantasy

I (18f) have a fantasy where I am in a outfit that covers most of my body except for my crotch, ass, and tits. I go around public places at night and groups of men do absolutely filthy things to my holes. I just wanna have to go for a walk while cum pours out of my wrecked pussy.

It's gotten so bad I think about just being a public use toy everywhere I go. I wanna try going for a walk without panties but I'm too nervous.

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  • I would love to talk to you op @drang onriderwill@ protonmail. com

  • Why don’t you just do it

  • I don't even own a pair of underwear. I decided I didn't like wearing them when I was 16 and haven't owned a pair since. It's normal not an issue, until I wear a dress or a skirt. Then I have to be very careful how I sit so no one gets a vag show.

  • Why be careful, giving a show is the best part.

  • Start with no panties, no bra. Get a Brazilian. Feel the air on your pussy. Make yourself wet before you even leave the house. When you’re really comfortable, start showing. Or take a guy you’re dating on a walk, and let him make you wet.

  • I had a dream where I was naked in public and it made me so horny that when I woke and got dressed for the day I wore a skirt and no panties. I went to class and spent the whole day without panties and no one knew except me. Well I guess someone may have known if they were in the right position to see up my skirt.

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